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“Evangelism – 401” [4-of-?]… Blog.

“Evangelism – 401” [4-of-?]… Blog.

(Matthew 9:37-38) Then He [Jesus] = said to = His disciples, = The harvest = truly = is plenteous, = but = the laborers = are few.
(Matt 9:38) Therefore = pray to = the Lord [God] = of the harvest = that He = will send out laborers = into = His harvest.

Again, continuing this… ‘Ongoing’ discussion of “Evangelism”, we need to use the above Bible verse as our ‘agenda’… in all that we ‘say and do’… for Christ Jesus and The Kingdom of God the Father. When we become ‘Born Again’ [Born from Above], by the Holy Spirit of God, in response to… His drawing and in response to… His Word… ‘WE’ become part of that ‘Kingdom’ and its “Responsibilities!” For what son or daughter or God… does not share their Father’s heart… for the Lost and perishing in their “Sin / Sins”…?

As fellow laborers… in this Kingdom of God, we need to ‘know & understand’… what God has ‘commanded’ to each and every person. Sorry No, I am not speaking about bring people to ‘my’ way of thinking, about what is said in the Bible. Nor, is it to ‘your’ beliefs, or to ‘your’ Church or Denomination! It is to what “Christ Jesus” said about what “Father God” has said. Did you know that ‘Christ Jesus’… Never said anything on His own, but… “ONLY”… what the Father said…?

(John 12:49-50) For = I [Jesus] = have not spoken = on My = own authority; = but = the Father = Who sent Me = gave Me = a Command, = what = I [Jesus] = should say = and = what = I = should speak.
(John 12:50) And = I [Jesus] = know that = His command = is eternal life. = Therefore, = whatever = I = speak, = as the Father = has said to Me, = thus I speak."

When you read… the Bible, those words from ‘Christ Jesus’ are… exactly… from God Himself! Of course for those that are… ‘Born Again’… those Words are ‘amplified & revealed’… by God’s Holy Spirit that indwells each of us. These Words of… ‘Spirit & Truth’… communicate God’s Truth to our human understanding. The Mind of Christ, The Mind of God… becomes our ‘mind and understanding’… by His Holy Spirit… Through our… “Obedience, to His Word!”

(John 7:37-38-39) On the last = and = most important day of the festival, = Jesus = stood up and shouted, = "If anyone = is [spiritually] thirsty, = let him = come to Me = and drink!
(John 7:38) The one = who believes = in Me, = as = the Scripture = has said, = will have = rivers of living water = flowing from = his heart."
(John 7:39) Now He said this = about the [Holy] Spirit, = whom those = who were believing = in Him = were to receive. = For = the Spirit = was not yet present, = because = Jesus had not yet been glorified. [Acts 2:1-to-6]

Did you see the words… “As the Scripture has ‘SAID’…?” Our, ‘Personal Opinions’ are rendered… ‘Null & Void!’ Church or Denominational Opinions are also rendered… ‘Null & Void!’ “ONLY”… What the Scripture has said… is your basis for your… “True Belief in God!” Because God cannot Lie… then you may trust completely, in what He has said. How important is His Word…? Simply see… that ‘He’ has deemed it… “Higher… than His Name!”

(Numbers 23:19) God = is not = a man = that He = should lie, = neither = the son of man = that He = should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He = not do it? = Or has = He spoken, = and = shall He not = make it good?

(Psalms 138:2) I will worship toward = Your holy temple, = and = praise Your Name = for Your loving-kindness = and = for Your = Truth's sake; = for You [God] = have magnified = Your Word = above All = Your Name.

What other Validation… do ‘you’ or would ‘you’ need? “Absolutely NONE! God and His Words… are completely “True & Trustworthy!” That is why your belief in God… must be based… solely on His Word! Statements like the above… ‘grate’ some people. They were raised… in a particular… ‘Church or Denomination’ and may have… “generations of that belief!” And yet… Christ Jesus said that Belief in God… ‘Must Be’… “According to the Scriptures!” “Nothing ‘More’… Nothing ‘Less’…!” The Grace of God… plus… “Nothing!”

(James 2:19) You = believe = that there is = one God, = you do well; = even = the demons = believe = and = tremble.

IF you do not… recall what Christ Jesus said the Gospel was, please look again at… “Luke 24:44-to-49.” Perhaps this will help you, “(Luke 24:47) and = that repentance = and…” Most people, when they share the Gospel… constantly use the words… “Believe on Jesus!” What ‘most’, do not realize is that people have… “Different interpretations of what, ‘Belief’… Is?” They use the same ‘Vocabulary’ as we do but “Not” the same Dictionary! In the above verse… that “Belief in God”, by the demons… is ‘Not a Saving belief’… but of ‘One’ to… “Damnation!”

(Acts 17:30-31) Truly, then, = God = overlooking = the times of ignorance, = now = He = strictly commands = all men = everywhere = to Repent,
(Acts 17:31) because He [God] = has appointed = a day = in which He = is going to = judge the world = in righteousness = by a Man = Whom He appointed, = having given proof = to all = by raising = Him [Jesus] =from the dead.

Did ‘You’, get God’s Command… “To Repent?” Most evangelicals wrongly confuse the terms ‘Repent and Belief’. Somehow they do not understand “Repentance” or in a rush to do God’s Work in Evangelism… put its “Complete Meaning Aside!” It is not like belief in, Santa Clause! Belief in the… ‘Truest Biblical’ sense… means complete ‘Faith’… in the Finished Work of Christ Jesus. Complete Atonement personally… for all “Sin/Sins”, for all time! “Past, Present and Future!” When Christ Jesus died over 2,000–years ago, all your sins were… future.

When most say… “I believe in Jesus”… it is not that “Biblical Faith” that I explained in the above verses. Some are so anxious to… Lead One to Christ’… that they ‘often time’, leave one worse off… then when they started. Many of millions… who say they… ‘Believe in Jesus’… are “Not – ‘Truly’ - Born Again”. They made… “A decision, said a prayer, driven by emotion”… Without, the Slightest Understanding of… “As the Scripture has said… John 7:38.”

(Isaiah 5:20) Woe = to those = who = call evil good = and = good evil; = who = put darkness for light = and = light for darkness; = who = put bitter for sweet = and = sweet for bitter!

That is why…
there are so many that have… “No Spiritual Hunger”… for the Bible, the Word of God! They have No conviction of… “Sin/Sins”… in their lives. They glibly… Lie or Steal or Cheat or Committee Adultery & Sexual Sins… and then attend “Church” with no change. There is no difference in their lives. They have… ‘Conformed Mentally’… to what they use as their… “Belief in Jesus!” He has become their ‘Friend’… and not their… “Lord & Savior!” They act like, all the rest, in their Churches! To them there is no… “Right & Wrong”, only Varying Degrees of … “Right!” “What is ‘Right’ for YOU… May NOT… be ‘Right’ for ME!”

(Isaiah 8:20) To = the Law = and = to the Testimony! = If = they = do not speak = according to = this Word, = it is = because = no light = is in = them.

[Acts 17:30] God Commands = All Mankind, = Everywhere = to Repent…! And yet most of those that say they… “Believe in Jesus”… ‘Know Nothing’ about Repentance! How can that Be? Simply because they… ‘Believed in Jesus’… But NOT… according to the Scriptures! [John 7:38] If you have believed in Jesus… and do not know what Repentance is… then just perhaps… you really didn’t believe in “Christ Jesus”… ‘As the Scriptures’ have said…? And no, I am not judging you! That is between you and God. ‘But’… “It is written…”

(2Corinthians 13:5-6) examine = yourselves, = whether you = are in the Faith, = Prove = your own selves. = Do You = not know = your own selves, = that Jesus Christ = is in you, = unless you are reprobates?
(2Cor 13:6) But I trust = that you = will know that = we = are not = reprobates.

Repentance, that is True Biblical Repentance… Always carries forth Actions out of that repentance. Just as True Biblical Belief… causes a complete change of Actions, so too, True Biblical Repentance carries for the “Actions of Repentance”. The Greek NT Word translated “Repentance” means, “Think Again!” Those ‘changed thoughts’ are those that… ‘Change Actions!’ Without the actions… the thoughts are merely ‘preferences’… and… Not True Biblical Repentance.

(Ephesians 4:28) The thief = must no longer steal = but = must work hard = and = do = what is good = with = his own hands, = so that he = might have something = to give to the needy.

(Luke 19:8) Zacchaeus = stood up = and = said to the Lord [Jesus], = "Lord, = I'll give half = of my possessions = to the poor. = I'll pay = four times = as much as I owe = if = I have cheated = anyone = in = any way."

Perhaps NOW… is the time to ask you, about ‘your’ understanding of… “Belief in Jesus?” Are the above verses… Indicative of… “True Repentance” and “True Biblical Belief” in… “Christ Jesus?” Absolutely YES! Those that say they are Christians or ‘Believe in Jesus’… and do not produce… a change in inner character and outward actions… do not ‘Biblically’… Truly, believe in Jesus! The religious of Jesus’ day, when they heard the… ‘Judgment Preaching’… of John the Baptist, showed… Only their Religion… and Not their… “Faith Based Repentance!”

(Matthew 3:7-8-9) But when = John = saw many = Pharisees and Sadducees = coming to where = he was baptizing, = he said to them, = "You children of serpents! = Who warned you = to flee from = the coming wrath?
(Matt 3:8) Produce fruit = that is consistent = with Repentance!
(Matt 3:9) Don't think = you can say = to yourselves, = 'We have Abraham = for our forefather.' = For I [John] = tell you = that God = can raise up descendants = for Abraham = from these stones!

How about IT…? Is “True Belief in Christ Jesus”… paralleled by… “True Biblical Repentance?” Absolutely YES! The Adulterer, the Thief, The Slanderer, The Liar, the Cheater and ‘All Others”… that come to Christ Jesus for Salvation… cannot Truly Believe in Jesus… without Works of Repentance… that Follow! IF… they are not there in their lives… THEN… Neither is that ‘True Biblical’… “Saving Faith – John 7:38-39!”

(Luke 18:8) I [Jesus] = tell you, = he will give them = justice quickly. = But = when = the Son of Man = comes, = will He = find [True Biblical] FAITH = on earth?"

Perhaps an Example…? I come over to your place for a visit. You have just been to the bank and I find the envelope of $500… that you have in your purse. While you are busy with a phone call… and I take $100. You never find out it was me that stole your money. Some weeks late, I attend Church with you and make a… ‘Decision for Jesus!’ I Never show any Remorse… for Stealing from you. I never tell you that I took your money. I just come to Church and ‘Play Church’… like so Many Others! Do I then have… “Biblical Saving Faith”… Without Repentance? “Absolutely Not!” My ‘belief in Jesus’… is merely a ‘Preference’… and “Not” a conviction of Spirit & Life. …Like So Many Others…!

(Matthew 7:20-to-23) So = by their = Fruit = you = will know = them."
(Matt 7:21) "Not everyone = who keeps saying= to Me [Jesus], = 'Lord, = Lord,' = will get = into = the kingdom of heaven, = but only = the person = who keeps doing = the will [The Word] = of My = Father = in heaven.
(Matt 7:22) MANY = will say = to Me [Jesus] = on that day, = 'Lord, = Lord, = we prophesied = in Your Name, = drove out demons = in Your Name, = and performed = many miracles = in Your Name, = didn't we?'
(Matt 7:23) Then = I [Jesus] = Will = Tell them plainly, = 'I never knew you. = Get away from Me [Jesus], = you = who practice Lawlessness!'"

Continued in next part… [5-of ?]…!

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