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“Evolution – 101”…Blog.

“Evolution – 101”…Blog.

Yesterday as I was… “Surfing the Net” I came across a blog page that… ‘Mocked Creationism’. Strange as it seems, [he or she] provided neither theory nor evidence! How can that be? Without presenting an alternate theory… their statements became… ‘Nothingness!’ It is because the ‘new breed’ that comes out of public schools? Anyone with any… “Chutzpah [Hutzpah]” or ‘Intellectual Prowess’... would spot the problem right away.

IF I said… All People with “GREEN HAIR”… ‘Are Stupid’… wouldn’t you expect me to provide you with some… ‘Facts”… and not just ‘beliefs or feelings?’ Simple communication and logic skills are missing in many of those that we can call… “Adults?” It is because they have a… ‘body age maturity’… without any… “Intellectual or Emotional” Maturity.

Leave out… the ‘All the Sciences’, ‘DNA’ and the “Rules of Evidence” and you can say, “The Moon is made of Green Cheese!” Many take such an approach to the topic of… “Was I Evolved from Primates.” Can you say that… “Out Loud – ‘Three Times” Most take the ‘Politically correct View!’ Simply without thinking this issue through and examining the discussions on both sides… ‘One has “only” an opinion!

When I was a child… as most kids, I used to find… ‘Change’… on the street! Mostly it was penny’s. As an adult, I have traveled extensively on five of the seven continents…. “And Guess What?” “I found coins of the ground!” Does that mean that there is… “EVIDENCE”… of a “Created Financial System?” Absolutely Yes! Worldwide one can find money on the ground if one is looking. But of course when one looks for… ‘Hard Evidence of Evolution”… it is Lacking… ‘Worldwide!’

What ‘IF’ the… “Theory of Evolution” were True? Did you note, ‘The Theory?” Have you ever heard a “PhD” or “C0llege Professor”… ‘say or state’… “The Fact of Evolution?” They simply short circuit… “The Exactness of Science”… and say… ‘The Theory of Evolution’. Why do you suppose they Do That? What do they have to… Hide? Perhaps it is their… “Ignorance or even their Bigotry?”

Then it is only… “A Theory… as there is no solid proof”. IF there were… wouldn’t you expect the proof… to be “Worldwide?” Wouldn’t you expect to find… ‘Oodles & Oodles’ of “EVIDENCES”… ‘All over this Globe?’ Like the change I found on the Ground??? Where are all the “Evidences of Evolution”… and all the ‘Evidences’ of the… ‘Missing Links?’ “There are NONE!” And don’t point to that old saying… “I’ll be a Monkeys Uncle!” …LOL!

IT takes more Faith… to believe that… “You”… were descended from Primates! I am sure about me… but I do not know about “YOU!” …LOL! …LOL! Sorry to laugh… but it is so funny to me! And “NO”… I am not making fun of your beliefs. I simply ask you… “To Examine ‘The Evidences” =or=… ‘Lack Thereof’? Can you do that…?

A good friend… of mine told me he strictly believed in Evolution. I told him that he was jealous of me. He just laughed. “What do I have to be jealous of”… he asked? Jealous that I was not descended come from Apes… “but created by God!” Those that are ‘descended’… are never really sure just where they will spend… “Eternity!” I am sure of where I will be! We still occasionally joke about it. Every time I eat a… ‘Banana’… I pray for his salvation and that he will come to the knowledge of… “The Truth”.

Do you remember… the O.J. Simpson trial and how the world was exposed to the DNA evidence. Most do not or have not studied ‘DNA’ typing as it is an ‘Exact Science’. Some years ago we did not have this science available. This science was used to identify those killed in the “9-11 Terrorist Attacks of the Twin Towers in NYC.

This DNA science… has even evolved as there are scientific breakthroughs in the technologies used to distinguish patterns. Many police departments take DNA from criminals and are able to solve ‘Cold Case Crimes’… over 30-years old. Even some convicted and serving time have been released from prison… due to DNA evidence.

So why has Science… refused to acknowledge the ‘DNA testing results’ of supposed evolutionary evidence. Because it will simply prove… “Evolution – Still Only A Theory! And the rampant use of non-scientific validation is used to promote evolution, remains. Remember this… “In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue?” Science believed in the… “Flat Earth Theory!” What happened? Today some still do! …LOL!

In FACT… evolution is a religion! Its Pastors and Preachers are educational system’s… ‘Professors and Teachers’. All I am doing is asking you to… look at the facts. Science is changing their… “Theories Daily!” When was the last time you looked at a dictionary of… “Quantum Theory Facts?” They keep adding… “New Terms and Facts”… to explain their… “Theories?” It is not ‘politically correct’… to even speak, about Creationism. Why is that… and What are they Afraid Of?

According to Evolutionary Theory… mankind evolved from Primates. All life evolved from the… “Less Complex”… to the… “More Complex”. How can that be? Nature is in a constant state of decay. You get older and weaker… not younger and stronger. Oops…!
I went to bed last night… and woke up this morning. My… “Pentium 2 Computer”… ‘Evolved Into’… “A Pentium 5…!” Wow..! That is really… Evolution! And all that… without an engineer! I bet… ‘Intel’ or “Bill Gates and Microsoft”… would like to use Evolution! …LOL!

I simply have provided… you with a starting point. “Honestly”… look into this issue. Seek it out for yourself. Do not take was I say as Truth. Just look into this subject. Look at both sides and what they Propose. Did you notice the word… “Honestly?” Most that preach evolution cannot even be… “Honest”.

(Romans 1:17-to-22) For in it = God's righteousness = is being revealed = from faith to faith, = as it is written, = "The righteous = will live by faith."
(Rom 1:18) For God's wrath = is being revealed = from heaven = against = all the ungodliness = and = wickedness = of those who = in their wickedness = suppress The Truth.
(Rom 1:19) For what can be known = about God = is plain to them, = because God Himself = has made it plain = to them.
(Rom 1:20) For since = the creation of the world = His invisible attributes = His eternal power = and = divine nature = have been = understood = and = observed = by what He made, = so that people = are = without excuse.
(Rom 1:21) For although = they knew God, = they neither glorified Him = as God = nor = gave thanks = to Him. = Instead, = their thoughts = turned to = worthless things, = and = their ignorant hearts = were darkened.
(Rom 1:22) Though = claiming to be wise, = they became fools

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