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“The Mirror – 101”…Blog.

“The Mirror – 101”…Blog.

In the Holiday Inn… in Boston, Massachusetts and in the Holiday Inn in San Juan. Puerto Rico have identical elevators. They are ‘Mirrored on all Sides’. When you look… ‘Left and Right’ or ‘Forward and Back’… is seems like you can see… “Reflections for Eternity!” They reflect any object that is in viewing no matter how big or small.

The Bible… Is like that in some sense. The OT reflects the Coming Promises “Promised”… and the NT shows the “Promises Fulfilled”. It is not… ‘66’ individual books… but one Contiguous thought about God and… His dealings with Mankind! Perhaps that is why when Christ Jesus spoke to the Religious of His day He said this to them…!

(Matthew 22:29) Jesus = answered them, = "You are mistaken [Wrong] = because = you = don't know = the Scriptures = or = God's power.

Mushrooms seem to… spring up in a few days. Microwave popcorn is ready in three minutes. Instant potatoes are ready in an ‘instant!’ Prepackaged foodstuffs seem to be replacing the normal groceries that one would take home to prepare. “Instant This or Instant That!” Ready in ‘no time’ seems to be the agenda. But Oak Trees take a lifetime to grow and mature. Real Potatoes taste nothing like the instant ones. And on and on!

(1Thssalonians 5:21) Prove = all = things, = hold fast = to the good.

Recently I have been…
posting and answering Bible questions and answers on Face Book. There seems to be a… ‘Grave Miss-Understanding’… of Doctrine. Most speak about their experience to validate their position on a particular subject. They have ONE Bible verse to validate their experience. “One Verse… does not… A Doctrine Make!

One Verse… does NOT… A Doctrine Make.

Sometimes when I am… unsure about a particular subject, I will take the… opposite position… and try to prove and validate it. I use Bible software to do word searches and examine the original Hebrew OT or Greek NT words. And most important… their use throughout the rest of the Scriptures. Some ‘English Translations’ will use a particular word in two different meanings.

(James 3:1) Not many of you = should become teachers, = my brothers, = because = you = know that = we who teach = will be judged = more severely.

I do not make… doctrinal statements with… “15-minute studies.” I spend some times days formulating ideas and concepts about “Scriptural Doctrines”… before writing a Blog. It has been my life practice to spend an hour in the Word, at the beginning of my day. Like the ‘Manna’, that the Children of Israel had to get… “Before [Exodus 13 & Numbers 11] Sunrise”… so the best part of my day I dedicate to The Word of God! What did Christ Jesus do? See… “Mark 1:35”.

(2Samuel 24:24) And the king [David] = said to Araunah, = No, = but I will surely = buy from you = at a price. = And = I will not = offer burnt offerings = to Jehovah = my God = OF THAT WHICH COSTS ME NOTHING. = And David = bought the threshing-floor = and = the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.

Perhaps YOU could… dedicate your… ‘First’… to the Lord, for a study in His Word. Study and knowing the Word of God will cost you… “A Price of Time and Dedication!” I do not take lightly this offering to Christ Jesus. Even when I worked… 8-10-12-houre days… I got up an hour early to spend time in the Word. That is what Christ Jesus meant about “True Riches = Luke 16:11!”

Perhaps this is why… I know what I believe! I do not take what a… Pastor or Preacher has said, no matter how much I trust him. I simply… “Test all with the Word of God!” That is why I have come to say that Word of God… is like a Mirror! It is Not… ‘66’ individual books… but one Contiguous thought about God and… His dealings with Mankind!

(Psalms 76:10) Surely = the wrath of man = shall praise = You; = the wrath = that is left, = You = shall bind up.

The Word of God… “Reflects the Glory of God” and the ‘Rebellion of Mankind’. Christ Jesus can be seen in His pre-incarnate form in the Old Testament. His Glory is revealed in His Working with Creation and Mankind. Those that Love HIM… come to Him and do… “His Word!” Those that Hate Him… mock Him and hate His Word! This mirror of the OT & NT reveals the Glory of God!

(1Corinthians 16:22) If = anyone = does not love = the Lord Jesus Christ, = let him [her] = be accursed. = The Lord comes!

When was the… last time you read the book of ‘Isaiah?’ Did you see “Christ Jesus” in that Book. He is there in many places. Even the millennial reign of Christ during… “His 1000-year Rule on Earth”… can be seen there. Did you know that His return in Judgment to destroy the nations that come against Jerusalem… can be seen there? The Mirror of the OT and the NT… simply reflect the Glory of God! “Isaiah and Revelation.”

(Acts 17:11) And = these = were more noble = than those = of Thessalonica, = in that = they = received the Word = with all = readiness of mind = and = searched the Scriptures = daily = to see if = those things = were so.

(Isaiah 8:20) To the Law = and = to the testimony! = If they = do not speak = according to = this Word, = it is because = no light = is in them.

(Luke 24:45-to-48) Then = He [Jesus] = opened their minds = so that they = might come to = understand = the Scriptures.
(Luke 24:46) He = said to them, = "Thus it is written, = that the Christ [Messiah] = was to suffer = and = to rise from the dead = on the third day,
(Luke 24:47) and = that repentance = and = forgiveness of sins = is to be proclaimed = in His name = to all the nations, = beginning = at Jerusalem.
(Luke 24:48) You are witnesses = of these things.

Did You SEE… the Mirror Reflections of Christ? Did you see the Mirror Reflections of the OT with the NT…?

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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