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“Appetite & Diet – 101”…Blog.

“Appetite & Diet – 101”…Blog.

What is your ‘Appetite’ like… for today? Recently I had a craving for some ‘smoked fish.’ If you have never eaten any you should try it at least once. This is an ‘acquired’ taste, a lot like that of caviar. Often I will try a food that I haven’t tried before, usually when traveling overseas. When I visit London, I make it a point to stop at a cheese shop only about 4 blocks away from Victoria Station, in the west end of London. American cheese has very ‘little’ taste while European cheeses are ‘full’ of different flavors and textures.

What is your ‘Diet’ like… for today? No, not that action that… ‘limits caloric intake’… in order to shed a few pounds. I mean ‘what’ do you normally eat for ‘sustenance?’ Often I see fast food places changing their menu’s, in order to attract ‘back’ past customers, that have moved on to something else. Americans pretty much stick to the same food groups… Pizza, Hamburgers, Chicken and anything ‘New’… just for some variation. Also often people visit ‘Disney’ or other areas having “European Foods” to see what they taste like, only to get “Americanized”, European food.

‘Advertizing’ has done a lot… to change our ‘Appetites & Diets’. The new ‘Fad’ is that “[Supposed] Green Natural Food”… that is said [No documented proof] to be healthier, than the average foods. Even the “[Supposed] Organically Grown” foodstuffs seem to be everywhere in most grocery stores. Milk, Poultry, Dairy and even Meats that are organically grown can be seen most aisles. I ‘do not’ and ‘will not’ simply pay “15-to-35%” more for foodstuffs… that have ‘no’ proof that they are any better… “Health wise”. Do you ‘really’ believe that ‘They’… will really give you, ‘Better Health?’ …Not! Just another gimmick.

These simple words… “Appetite & Diet”… may also indicate a preference for the type of… “Mental Feeding”… you take ‘into’ your mind. Someone once said… “5% Think, 10% Think that they Think and 85% Don’t ‘THINK’… At All!” Perhaps that is ‘how’ our nation has arrived at these ‘massive’ spending and entitlements… into deeper and deeper… “Debt & Unemployment?” You voted for “Change”… “But, for ‘Change’ to What?” You selected your personal vote for your… “Appetite & Diet!” And you got what you… “Asked For!”… “More Debt and Higher Taxes!” Socialized European Medicine replacing… American Doctors… but at “What Cost” to your freedom of choice…?

Do you have “News”… in your ‘Appetite & Diet’? Of course most select their own news cast, depending on a ‘Liberal or Conservative’ preference. Each one has their own ‘agenda’ to sway your votes towards their “Thought Processes.” Brainwashing during the World Wars was a tactic of the Armed Forces, used to extrapolate information from a captured enemy. Today the Brainwashing goes on with the ‘Public’, to keep their party in office, for another… “2 or 4” years.

“You cannot see the Forest, for the Trees!” That ditty was often used to describe someone, being so close to the ‘issue’, that they could not see the “Big Picture”. Many take up civic issues and sign petitions and pledges… to somehow “Magically”… eliminate problems in society. That is their ‘appetite & diet’, which leaves one really feeling ‘empty’. There are just a ‘spinning’ of wheels, which seldom accomplishes ‘anything’. Although, they do give a… “False Sense of Accomplishment”… to those involved. The only way is to “Changing Federal & State Laws”… and providing for ‘Real’ Enforcement of those Laws! No, not even the “Brady Bill” could bring about an ‘Anti Gun’ mentality.

I could go on for pages… about such things but it would ‘not’ change your mind. Only when something affects ‘You’… “Personally”… will ‘Real Change’ come! So it is too, in the Spiritual Realm. Anyone can read “Religious” discussions on the multiple sites, about ‘Spiritual Things’, on almost any discussion board. I post on many and often see people mostly reference “Feelings” or “Beliefs”… without any “Validation!” That is why I… ‘always’… use the Bible and what… The God of the Bible says in “His Word”. “It is written”… Matt 4:4 & Luke 4:4.

(1Thessalonians 5:21) Prove = “All” = things, = hold fast = to the good.

Continually I see… You Tube Videos of religious messages posted. They often portray ‘Their Truth’, which is ‘their way’ of saying what ‘They’ believe. Often times there are… ‘Skits & Plays’ … in order to somehow ‘communicate’ what they believe as ‘Truth?’ All this has happened because of their… “Shallow Appetite!” Somehow… “Entertainment Evangelism” [So Called]… has replace the… “Truth of Preaching = The Word of God!” Many Churches have very little… “Preaching and Teaching”… from the Scriptures, which causes their attendees to be… “Shallow Thinking!” Say it isn’t… So?

"Give a man a fish and ‘You’… Feed him for a day… Teach a man “how” to fish and ‘You’… Feed him for life..."

I know of some missionaries… outside of the United States. In the ‘poorer regions’ of many areas, people will travel up to ‘two hours’ to simply hear… “Preaching and Teaching from the Bible!” Pastors wound not think to ‘preach’ for any less than… “Four Hours!” We here in America have become… “Shallow and Mundane”… in our “Zeal”… for and to the Truth of the Word of God! Few be there that will stand for… “God’s Truth”. Very little… ‘Teaching & Training’… is done with the lay person, to equip that one, to share, the Words of Christ Jesus… with their Co-Workers, Neighbors or Friends. Perhaps they themselves… do not believe in the “Power of the Word of God”…?

(Amos 8:11) Behold, = the days = come, = says = the Lord Jehovah, = that = “I” = will send a famine = in the land; = ‘not’ = a famine of bread = ‘nor’ = a thirst for water, = but = of hearing = the Words of Jehovah.

Backslidden ‘Israel, God’s chosen people… had repeatedly turned away from the Truth of the Word of God. They had substituted ‘politically correct’ thinking… for what the Word of God had given them. Over and over again throughout the Old Testament… did God send Prophets to them to… Tell them to Repent. You may read throughout these books, as Israel got harder and harder in their hearts. So you too…don’t want to hear… what God has said in His Word! Oh well… you will get what… ‘You’ want! A famine… for the Hearing… of… the Word of God.

(Jeremiah 10:21) For = the “Pastors” = have become ‘Stupid’, = and = have “Not” = sought Jehovah, = therefore = they shall ‘not’ be blessed, = and = ‘all’ = their flocks [congregations] = shall be scattered.

(Isaiah 24:2) And = as it = ‘is’ = with the people, = so it shall = ‘be’ = with the priest [pastor]; = as with the servant, = so with the master; = as with the handmaid, = so it is with her mistress; = as with the buyer, = so with the seller; = as with the lender, = so with the borrower; = as with the creditor, = so with the debtor.

Do these Verses… sound like a “Healthy ‘Spiritual’ Diet?” Or do they instead indicate a “diminishing ‘Spiritual’ decline” of the people, who say they belong to… God? America surely parallels past Israel in… its spiritual decline… away from the ‘Pure Milk’ of the Word of God! Many even, will not quote… what Christ Jesus said, but simply quote… what their Church and personal beliefs. Hardly ever or never say… “God said ‘this about that’ in His Word!”

(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus = answered = him [Satan], = saying, = “It is written” = that man = shall not live = by bread alone, = but = by ‘every’ = Word of God."

How “then” can a Gospel presentation… “Replace the Word of God”… with a ‘Play or Skit’? What has happened…? How can one say they Believe in God… and “NOT”… Believe in the “Power and Authority of His Blessed Word”… to convict a sinner of their… “Sin/Sins?”

The ‘analogy’ is the one of… “Powdered MILK!” I have used it in my bread machine recipes… but ‘cannot’ and ‘will not’ drink it. Have you ever mixed and ‘drank’ a glass of “Powdered Milk?” Without taste and substance… is that ‘Powdered Milk’! So ‘too’ are these “Substitute” presentations of the Gospel… ‘instead’ of… “Preaching and Teaching the Word of God!”

(1Corinthians 1:21) For since, = in the wisdom = of God, = the world = by wisdom = did not know = God, = it pleased God = by the foolishness of = “PREACHING” = to save those = who believe.

(2Timothy 2:8-9) Remember that = Jesus Christ = of the seed of David = was raised = from the dead = according to = my gospel,
(2Tim 2:9) in which = I suffer ill = as an evildoer, = even to imprisonment. = But = the “Word of God” = is ‘not’ = chained.

So Many, for So Long… have been “Watering Down”… the Gospel of God… that “They”… have missed… the Command of the Word of God… “To Preach the Word of God = Without Any Hesitation!” Instead they substitute ‘plays’ and ‘presentations’ and “entertainment”… Bible stories… for the Preaching of… “The Holy Word of God!” Do you ‘really believe’… that a play or a ditty or a dance or entertainment… can take the place of the Word of God…?

(Ezekiel 2:7) And = ‘you’ = shall speak = “My Words” = to them, = whether = they will hear = or = whether they will forbear, = for they are ‘most’ rebellious.

(Hebrews 4:12-13) For = the Word of God = is Living = and = Powerful = and = Sharper = than any two-edged sword, = Piercing even to = the Dividing apart = of soul and spirit, = and = of the joints and marrow, = and = is a Discerner = of the thoughts and intents = of the heart.
(Heb 4:13) Neither = is there = ‘any’ creature = that is not = manifest = in His sight, = but = ‘All’ things = are naked and opened = to the eyes = of “Him” = with “Whom} = we have = to do.

(Jeremiah 23:29) Is not = My Word = like a ‘Fire?’ = says Jehovah [God]; = and = like a = ‘Hammer’ = that breaks = the rock = in pieces?

(Revelation 19:11-12-13) And I saw Heaven opened. = And behold, = a white horse! = And = He sitting on him = was called = ‘Faithful and True’. = And in righteousness = ‘He’ = judges = and = makes war.
(Rev 19:12) And = ‘His’ eyes = were like = a flame of fire, = and = on ‘His’ head = many crowns. = And = ‘He’ = had a name written, = one that no one knew = except Himself.
(Rev 19:13) And = ‘He’ = had been clothed = in a garment = dipped in blood, = and = ‘His’ Name = is called = “The Word of God”.

About now, ‘You’… should be questioning your… “Spiritual Appetite and Diet”… and what “Kind of Feeding”… you are receiving at Church? Does the ‘Music’ presentation… or the ‘Plays & Skits’… take preference over… the ‘Preaching and Teaching’… of the “Word of God?” Simply take you watch… and “Time your service”… “If You Dare?” Just how much… ‘Real Spiritual Food’… from the Word of God… is being “FED”… into your Spiritual “Appetite & Diet”… there at Church?

(2Timothy 4:2-3-4) “Preach” = the “Word”, = be ‘instant’ = in season = and = out of season, = ‘reprove’, = ‘rebuke’, = ‘exhort’ = with ‘all’ long-suffering = and = doctrine.
(2Tim 4:3) For = a “Time” = will be = when ‘they’ = will ‘not’ endure = sound doctrine, = “BUT” = they will = heap up ‘teachers’ = to themselves = according to = their ‘own’ lusts, = ‘tickling’ = their ear.
(2Tim 4:4) And = they = ‘Will’ = turn away = their ears = from the “Truth” = and = will be turned = to myths.

About now… some may be ready to ‘write me off’ and ‘never’ read or hear anything that I say. Could it be that ‘Your’… “Appetite & Diet”… are lacking in any “Spiritual Truth”. You have become …“FAT”… on ‘spiritual’ – “Junk Food?” Dare I even suggest that you… have never been “Born Again”… by the Holy Spirit of God… and ‘You only have’… Religion? Do you hunger for the Truth of God’s Word… above the hunger that you have for a… “Church Experience?”

(2Corinthians 13:5) “Examine” = ‘yourselves’, = whether = ‘you’ are in = the Faith, = “Prove” = your own selves. = Do you = not know = your own selves, = that = Jesus Christ [Romans 8:9] = is in = ‘you’, = unless = ‘you’ = are reprobates?

(1Corinthians 2:14) But = the natural man = “does not” = ‘receive’ = the things [Word] = of the Spirit of God, = for = they are = “foolishness” = to him; = “neither” = can he = “know them”, = because = they are = spiritually discerned.

What is ‘Your’… “Appetite & Diet?” Is it the Word of God… or some “Junk Food?”

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