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“Whose ‘Truth’ – 101”…Blog.

“Whose ‘Truth’ – 101”…Blog.

This week… I have done ‘several’ postings, with comments about what someone said on Face Book. Often times, it is about… ‘What is or is not’… to be ‘believed’ about God and how He works with His children. Many have simply taken what they have been ‘told’ or have learned… without “FIRST”… testing it with what, God has said in His Word, The Bible. I ‘never’ believe anyone right off, but go to see what… God has said… “First?”

(Luke 4:3-4) And the devil = said unto = Him, = If = You be = the Son of God, = command this stone = that it = be made bread.
(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus = answered him, = saying, = It is written, = That man = shall ‘not’ = live by bread alone, = but = by every Word = of God.

Here Satan… not ‘only’ questioned the validity of ‘Who’, Christ Jesus really was… but also ‘purposely’ left out… what God had ‘said’… in His Word. So too… I find many Pseudo Christians… substituting what God has said in His Word… with “Other” thoughts and wrong teachings. If we ‘really’ are His child… then should we not ‘First’… put His Word, His Thoughts, His Principles… above “All other Things?” Or is it that… we ‘really’ don’t believe… what the Bible say about, God’s Truth.
(1Corinthians 3:19) For = the wisdom = of this world is = ‘foolishness’ = with God; = for = it is written, = "He takes = the wise = in their own = craftiness."

We ‘all’ are going… to have problems and difficult situations to endure in this ‘fallen world.’ Just “HOW” we address those problems and situations… is the discussion here. Recently someone said… “Tell your ‘problems’ that you have to a God… ‘bigger’ than the Problems”. You may find such teaching like this on ‘Pseudo’ Christian Radio and TV. The “Falsely” proclaim that we have all authority over our problems. This ‘false teaching’… is prevalent among those that do not… ‘read & study… the Word of God. Are there any Bible verses that tell us to… ‘Talk to our problems?’ Absolutely… “Not!”

(Job 5:6-7-8) For affliction = does ‘not’ = come forth = from the dust, = nor = does trouble = spring up = out of the ground;
(Job 5:7) but = man = is born = to trouble, = as = the sparks = fly upward.
(Job 5:8) Truly, = I would seek = to God, = and = to God = I would put = my plea,

(Job 2:9-10) And = his wife = said to him, = Do you = ‘still’ = hold to = your integrity? = Curse God = and = die!
(Job 2:10) But = he [Job] = said to her, = ‘You’ speak as = one of = the ‘foolish’ ones = speak. = What? = Shall we = receive ‘good’ = at the hand of God, = and = shall we ‘not’ = receive ‘evil’? = In “all” this = Job = did not sin = with his lips.

To ‘Whom’ did Job… account what had happened to him? Or from ‘where’ did these ‘afflictions and troubles’ come from? He knew that they came from and through… “God!” Many simply don’t know, or haven even forgotten… about the “Curse”… given to our existence, through the rebellion of Adam & Eve… to God’s commands. Perhaps a reading of the book of Genesis, the first 4 chapters, will clear much of this confusion.

(Hebrews 4:15-16) For we = do ‘not’ have = a high priest [Jesus] = Who = ‘cannot’ be touched = with the feelings = of our ‘infirmities’, = but = was in all points = tempted just as we are, = yet without sin.
(Heb 4:16) Therefore = let us = come ‘boldly’ = to = the throne of grace, = that we = may = obtain = mercy = and = find grace = to help = in time of need.

(2Corinthians 12:8-9) For this thing = I begged the Lord = three times, = that it might = depart = from me.
(2Cor 12:9) And He = said unto me, = My ‘grace’ = is sufficient for you: = for My strength = is made perfect = in weakness. = Most gladly therefore = will I rather = glory in my infirmities, = that the power of Christ = ‘may’ = rest upon me.

How about “You”…? Do you ‘talk’ to your problems, or do you go to God’s Throne of Grace… and ask God for His mercy and grace? Actually in the Greek New Testament… Hebrews 4:16… is a “Direct Command!” Don’t you believe God and His Word…? Even the apostle Paul… through the Holy Spirit… went to God for His Grace, knowing that God would be glorified in the things he suffered. Are ‘you’ better than Paul and the Word… that ‘you’ have to… talk to your problems?

(Acts 17:11) And = these = were more noble = than those of Thessalonica, = in ‘that’ = they received = the “Word” [of God] = with ‘all’ readiness = of mind = and = ‘searched’ = the “Scriptures” = ‘daily’ = to see “if” = those things = were so.

Please understand… I am ‘not’… accusing nor excusing… that mindset… that ‘Excludes’ what God has already said in His Word, The Bible. How many times have you listened to a sermon or teaching… and believed ‘every’ word? I can honestly and openly say… as a new Christian.. I had ‘no’ such discernment or learning. Often times, people gravitate to a teacher… that ‘seems’ on the outside, valid. But is it… ‘Really?’ Perhaps you can see what… “Isaiah 8:20”… says?

(Numbers 23:19) God = is ‘not’ a man = that = He should ‘lie’, = neither = the son of man = that He = should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He = not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and = shall He not = make it good?

This week on Face Book… I saw a poll. “Do you believe in Jesus?” Many a time, I ‘hate’ those ‘lying’ polls for they do ‘not’ qualify the question. To that question… You and I… should Ask, “Which Jesus?” I do believe in the Christ Jesus of the Bible, the Messiah both to the Jew and the Gentile. This Jesus, Who is both the son of man… and God incarnate. That is the Jesus I believe in, the Jesus of the Bible. Even the Bible speaks about two other ‘Jesus’. Simply see…“Collisions 4:11 & 2Corinthians 11:4”

(1Thessalonian 5:21) Prove = ‘All’ = things, = hold fast = to the good.

(Psalms 119:130) The entrance = of “Your Words” = gives light; = it gives = ‘understanding’ = to = the simple.

Many answered that question… and said ‘Yes.’ Those Muslims, ‘have’ another Jesus, who is “NOT” the same Christ Jesus of the Bible, as they do not believe that He is God. The Jehovah witnesses have another Jesus, who is “NOT” the same Christ Jesus of the Bible, as they do not believe that He is God. The Mormons ‘have’ another Jesus who is the Brother of Lucifer… who is “NOT” the same Christ Jesus of the Bible. Do you need to see more, or is that enough for me to make my point? Which Jesus do you… believe in?

(Luke 21:24) And = they shall fall by the sword's edge. = And = shall be led away captive = into all nations. = And = Jerusalem = shall be trodden down = by the nations = until = “the times of the nations” = is fulfilled.

Perhaps that is why… ‘National Polling Data’… “Wrongly”… states that 80% of the People believe in God. As the time of the ages comes to an end… more and more deception will be disseminated among the people. But shouldn’t it be different among those that… “Know, Christ Jesus”… as their Savior and Lord? Aren’t we suppose to… “Know the Truth?” How about you, personally, do you take everything said… without question? Americans have been so… ‘Dumb Down’… that they believe ‘almost’ anything!

(John 8:32) And = you = shall know = the ‘Truth’, = and = the ‘Truth’ = shall = make you = free.

(1John 2:20-21) But = you = have an anointing [The Holy Spirit] = from = the Holy One [God], = and = you know all things.
(1Jn 2:21) I = have ‘not’ = written to you = because = you = do ‘not’ know = the ‘Truth, = but = because = you know it, = and = know that = No Lie = is of = the ‘Truth.

Did you do Laundry… this week? I do my own laundry and on special occasions have to take some ‘suit coat’ to the dry cleaners. My regular laundry, I use whatever detergent and bleach that is on sale. I always use ‘fabric softener’ to remove the remaining soap residue. Dry cleaning is something different. They use a chemical, “Perchloroethylene”, which is an EPA registered toxic chemical on their “303 Hazardous Chemical list.” It removes ‘all and any’ residue from the fabric, leaving only the virgin fabric. It is what ‘moth balls’ are made of.

That is an “Analogy”… for the Word of God. It takes out… “All Lies”… and leaves… ‘Only the Truth!’

(John 17:17) Sanctify them = through ‘Your’ Truth. = Your = “Word” = is Truth.

(John 15:3) Now = you = are ‘clean’ = through = the Word = which = I [Jesus] = have spoken = to you.

About now… some may begin to think. that I have wandered off track. What I am trying to communicate to you… is that how very precious… the Holy Word of God… is to His Children. IF you know Him… Then ‘You’ must… “know”… His Word. Surely you know what you do at work and how it must be done, ‘Right?’ Or you keep a household and what you must ‘do’ to maintain that domiciliary? So too it is for the Child of God… You must ‘Know His Word’… “To Know Him!”
(1Samuel 3:21) And = Jehovah [God] = appeared again = in Shiloh. = For = Jehovah = revealed Himself = to Samuel = in Shiloh = by = the “Word” = of Jehovah.
(2Timothy 2:15) ‘Study’ earnestly = to present = ‘yourself’ = approved = to God, = a workman = that does ‘not’ need = to be ashamed, = ‘rightly’ dividing = the Word of Truth.

“Stinking Thinking”… is what the ‘World’ gives us about our… ‘trials and problems’. As a child of God… isn’t about time… you relied on God and what He has said in His Word, the Bible? The next time you have a situation… simply ask God… for His Wisdom… from His Word. It will come to you, as you ‘read & study’ His Word. You either go to God, His Word, His ‘mercy & grace’… or …you listen to the ‘False Teaching’… that tell you… “To Talk to your Problems?”

(Ephesians 5:8-9-10) For = ‘you’ = were once darkness, =but =now you are light = in the Lord; = walk as = children of light
(Eph 5:9) for = the fruit of the Spirit = is in ‘all’ = goodness = and = righteousness = and = ‘Truth’,
(Eph 5:10) ‘Proving’ = ‘what’ = is acceptable = to the Lord.

(Psalms 119:105) NUN: = Your = ‘Word’ = is a lamp = to my feet, = and = a light = to = my path.

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