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“Prophets & Pastors – 101”…Blog.

“Prophets & Pastors – 101”…Blog.

Most of you… by now, if you have been reading my Blogs, know that I stand for the Truth of the Word of God, the Bible. I post on several board and have come across a problem… that ‘most’ will refuse to address, for one reason or another. When I do so, I am called ‘unloving & legalistic’… as I will stand on what God says in His Word.

(1Thessaloninas 5:21) Prove = ‘All’ = things, = hold fast to the good.

I have found… that on ‘many’ of the internet sites, there are ‘Those’… claiming to be ‘Pastors’ and some even ‘Prophets’. I simply ask then, “By Whom or by What”… do you take such a “Title”… to yourself. The majority respond that they are… “Called by or of… God!” I then simply ask them of their… Bible School or Seminary Training… and… ‘Which Church’… ordained them to call themselves… “Prophet or Pastor!”

(Matthew 24:24) For = false Christs’ = and = false Prophets = will arise = and = show great signs = and = wonders; = so much so that, = if it were possible, = they would deceive = even the elect.

Once again… one can simply… ‘Buy such certification on-line… for a Fee!’ Does that validate their Claim? Does that make them… “Called of God?” In the Scriptures… the Holy Spirit… through Paul… gave instructions in… “1 & 2 Timothy”… for Church leadership and service. That is the pattern to be followed by those that… obey the Word of God. Anyone who really knows God and His Word… may challenge ‘anyone’… making such a false claim, of being a Pastor or Prophet.

(Isaiah 28:13) But = the Word = of Jehovah [God] = was to them = precept on precept, = precept on precept; = line on line, = line on line; = here a little, = there a little; = that they might go, = and = fall backward, = and = be broken = and = snared = and = taken.

(1Corinthains 14:40) Let = ‘All’ = things = be done decently = and = in order.

Some time ago… I received some mail with my name addressed… “Dr. Roger”. It was an unsolicited ‘credit card’ and I did not ask for one. My credit score [deacon] was outstanding and some ‘marketer’ simply choose me, for their Credit Card. Needless to say, I declined and told them… Never to Solicit me again and to remove me from their mailing list. Why did I tell you this bit of useless information…?

You need Brain Surgery…! You ask “ME”… to do your surgery because you saw a “Dr.” in front of my name. Surely you would not do that…? …LOL! You would first, check out the… ‘Credentials”… of that doctor. If you didn’t first check… you could get me… to operate on you! …LOL! Surely you realize that this is just a… “Hyperbole”… to make my point…?

Do you have friends… that call themselves… “Prophets or Pastors?” ‘IF’… they have not posted their… ‘Pertinent information’… where anyone can access it… then why would you… simply believe them…? IF one has nothing to hide… Then they will readily post their information. May I suggest ‘those’ that… do not make that information available… “Are Hiding Something?” Maybe they have a low self esteem and are just taking that ‘Title’… to bolster that problem… with a “Lie?”

(Ephesians 5:9-10) for = the fruit of the Spirit = is in = “ALL” = goodness = and = righteousness = and = “TRUTH’,
(Ephesians 5:10) Proving = what is = acceptable = to the Lord.

In a past survey [2006]… over “10,000”, Bible ‘School & Seminary’ Professors and Pastors were polled. They were asked… “IF”… they believed in the ‘Complete Authority’… of the Word of God, for those that say they are His [Jesus’]. Surprisingly… “Less than One Third, answered in the Affirmative [Yes].” Wow… that means that over… Two Thirds [NO]… “Do NOT”… Believe the Bible… “To be God’s Authority!” Where does that… “Lead or Leave”… those that are taught by them…?

(Matthew 15:14) Let them alone. = They are = blind leaders = of the blind. = And = if the blind = lead the blind, = both = shall fall into = the ditch.

About now… someone is saying that I am getting ‘picky’ or even that I am ‘hyper-critical.’ Well, I would ask you, to do the same. Do you simply buy… “anything”… without first examining it…? That new dress or suit or even… your ‘groceries.’ So why not apply that… ‘same scrutiny’… to those things that are said to be of God…? Surely you shop for the best ‘price’ and the best ‘deal’… do you Not? So why then… do you take for granted… someone’s… ‘Un-validated Spiritual Title?”

(Luke 18:7-8) And = shall not = God = avenge = His own elect = who cry day and night = to Him, = though He has been = long-suffering over them?
(Luke 18:8) I [Jesus] = say to you = that = He will avenge them = speedily. = Yet when = the Son of Man comes, = shall He find = ‘Faith’ = on the earth?

The God of the Bible… will bring His Complete Justice and Judgment to “ALL!”. None, will escape the lies and evil, that they have done. When I was first examining these verses… I questioned myself about the… “Faith”… that Jesus, the Son of Man… was looking for? “Many” say they believe in God, and yet those same “Many”… have nothing to do with His Word, the Bible. Surely He, Jesus, was looking for the “Saving Faith”… that is based solely on His Word.
(Hebrews 10:38-39) Now, = "the Just = shall live = by Faith. = But = if he draws back, = My soul = shall have = no pleasure in him."
(Heb 10:39) But = we are = ‘NOT’ = of those withdrawing to destruction, = but = of those = who believe = to the preserving = of the soul.
(1John 2:19) They = went out = from us, = ‘But’ = they were = ‘not’ = of us; = for if = they were of us, = they would have = continued with us. = ‘But’ = they went out = so that it might = be revealed = that they were = not all of us.
Again in these verses… we can find, ‘Two Different Faiths’. The first, of which is ‘not’ based on the “Truth of the Word of God”. In both sections of both verses… those did ‘not’ believe God’s Word… and so they left the ‘Faith’. “The ‘True’ Faith and the ‘Saving’ Faith”… based on the Truth of God’s Word. Perhaps someone is thinking that there cannot be two faiths. These verses demonstrate there is… by the Actions of those holding that… ‘False Faith’.

(James 2:19) You believe = that there is = one God [Isaiah 44:6], = you = do well; = even the demons = believe = and = tremble.
The demons believe God…! Is that ‘faith’… the kind that the Bible calls… “Saving Faith?” Absolutely… “NOT!” Many say they believe, in God, but is their belief… the “Saving Faith?” I think Not, as one can see… their response… to the Word of God, The Bible. Recently I had someone ask me… “Why do you, put the ‘Word of God’, the Bible”… in your writings? My response is that there are many claiming ‘sacred writings’… that are not. Like those of the Muslim faith called, Islam. Perhaps you can see what they say and believe in this blog…?
Is there a test… that ‘anyone’ may take to see if they have… “Saving Faith?” But of course, as it comes directly from God’s Word, The Bible.
First Question:

Do you believe that God can lie? … ‘Yes or No?”

(Numbers 23:19) God = is not a man that = He = should lie, = neither = the son of man = that He should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He not do it? = Or = has He spoken, = and = shall He not make it good?

Second Question:

Do you believe the Bible to be the Word of God alone? … ‘Yes or No?’

(Matthew 24:35) The heaven and the earth = shall pass away, = but = My Words = shall ‘not’ = pass away.

(Mark 13:31) Heaven and earth = shall pass away, = but = My Words = shall ‘not’ = pass away.

(Luke 16:17) And = it is easier = for the heaven and earth = to pass = than for one tittle [punctuation mark] = of the Law to fail.

Third Question:

Do you believe the Bible to be the Only Authority, yes even over any Church… for those that ‘say’ they are His child and belong to Him?

(Deuteronomy 8:3) And = He = humbled you = and = allowed you to hunger, = and = then He fed you with manna, = which you did not know, = neither did your fathers know it, = so that = He might = make you know = that man ‘shall not’ = live by bread alone, = but = by every Word = that comes = out of the mouth = of Jehovah [God] = man shall live.

(Matthew 4:4) But = He [Jesus] = answered and said, = It is written, = "Man shall not = live by bread alone, = but = by every Word = that proceeds out of = the mouth of God."

(Luke 4:4) And = Jesus = answered him [Satan], = saying, = It is written = that "man = shall not = live by bread alone, = but by = every Word of God."

Fourth Question:

Are you born again… by God’s Holy Spirit…?

(1Corinthians 2:12-to-16) But = we = have ‘not’ received = the spirit of the world, = but = the Spirit from God [Holy Spirit], = so that = ‘we’ = might know = the things = that are = ‘freely’ given = to us = by God.
(1Cor 2:13) These things = we also speak, = not in words = which man's wisdom teaches, = ‘but’ = which the Holy Spirit = teaches, = comparing = spiritual things = with = spiritual.
(1Cor 2:14) But = the ‘natural’ man = “Does Not” = ‘receive’ = the things = of the Spirit of God, = for = they are “Foolishness” = to him; = neither = can he = ‘know’ = them, = because = they are = spiritually discerned.
(1Cor 2:15) But = he = who is spiritual = judges all things, = yet = he himself = is = judged by no one.
(1Cor 2:16) For = who = has known = the mind of the Lord, = that =he may instruct Him? = But = we have = the mind of Christ.

You, Only YOU… must now make up ‘your’ mind as to “God and His Word!” You will either trust Him to the saving of your soul… or you will refuse to Believe & Obey His Word…! I cannot make that choice for ‘You’… only you can do that.

(Romans 10:9-10-11) Because = if = “You” = confess the Lord Jesus, = and = believe = in your heart = that God = has raised Him = from the dead, = “You” = shall be saved.

(Rom 10:10) For = with the heart = ‘One’ [You] = believes = unto righteousness, = and = with the mouth = ‘One’ [You] = confesses unto salvation.

(Rom 10:11) For the Scripture says, "Everyone believing on Him shall not be put to shame."

Prayer: “Father God”, I do not even partially understand Your Word and Your Truth, but I now, as best I can, I want to Trust Your Word, and that Christ Jesus died for “My Sins” and that He is raised again. I am trusting in His Finished Work on the Cross and in His Resurrection… for saving me from myself and from my Sin/Sins. Father God, I thank you for what Christ Jesus has done in my place and thank you in His Name… Amen & Amen…!

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