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“Discouragement - 101”…Blog.

“Discouragement - 101”…Blog.

I am writing this… for some who posted a question on the boards I visit and post on. Do you ever feel like it is no use… “To Keep On… Keeping ON?” Well I have felt that way some times and so has everyone else. Where do these feelings come from? How come, they seem to come when we are at out lowest? How come, they seem to come more often? Well, IF you believe those ‘silly’ TV adds, all you need is that little “Pill!”… and all will be better. … “NOT!”

I am sure you… have heard the joke about the ‘Smart Pills?” One teenager was pedaling “Smart Pills” in school. He was selling them for ‘one dollar’ and they were guaranteed to make you smarter, almost ‘immediately’. He took some ‘rabbit droppings’ from his pet and coated them with powdered sugar and bagged each one separately. A friend bought one and took it. Immediately he spit it out and said, “What is that junk, Rabbit droppings?” His friend replied… “See, you are getting Smarter… Already!”

Most of us… at one time or another have given up… “All Hope”… of things getting better. Perhaps it was because a break up with someone. Or perhaps we smashed our parents car in an accident, which was our fault. Or even we got… ‘laid off’… from work, just before the holidays, crashing our plans for a ‘fantastic’ holiday season. There are many other factors that can make us… ‘wrongly believing’… that things are hopeless.

A friend of mine… has a daughter that disobeyed her mother. Her daughter was given a piece of expensive jewelry by the grandmother. She always kept it in her mother’s jewelry box and was told… “Never take it to school”… but wear it on special occasions. The daughter took it to school anyway and “Lost It!” For her punishment, the mother did not allow the daughter, to get any Christmas presents from anyone. That daughter learned a hard lesson, the hard way, “Simply to Obey without Question!”

All the financial troubles… that ‘many’ are having in this country have come from ‘Bad Decisions.’ Purchasing a house that one cannot possibly make the payments on… or a vehicle that we could not afford and then… losing our employment. The remark, “Can things get any worse?”… Often follows with more ‘unexpected’ trouble. Guess what…? It has happened too many and will continue to happen… “Because our Wants… Exceed our Needs”… and the ability to pay for those ‘Things!’

(Galatians 6:7) Do not be deceived, = God = is not mocked. = For whatever = a man [or woman] sows, = that he [she] = also will reap.

Good Decisions… usually follow our ‘bad decisions’. Some learn from their mistakes and some continue to make the same mistakes, again and again and again. Or we may even learn from the mistakes of others. I find that I like the second way better, from the mistakes of others. How about you… have you made some bad decisions, only to ‘not make’… those same decisions over again? That usually happens in the ‘dating realm’. Leave one partner only to pick a worse on the next time.

(Romans 15:4) For = whatever things = were written before = were written = for our learning, = so that we = through patience = and comfort = of the Scriptures = might have = Hope.

Perhaps if we could simply… replace our despair with “Hope”… we would feel better about our situation? We need the “Hope” that things will work out… for our best. How then do we obtain such a steadfast “Hope?” Would you believe… that such “Hope”… is given by God? If He is your Father and you are His child, than that “Hope”… is always there. Yes, even when we cannot see that “Hope”. The problem is our ‘Focus’. We ‘focus’ on ‘our wants’ and ‘our desires’, some good for us and some bad. You can trust God… if you will only… Trust His Word, The Bible and what He says in it.

(Numbers 23:19) God = is not a man = that He = should lie, = neither = the son of man = that He = should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He not = do it? = Or = has He spoken, = and = shall He not = make it good?

I myself have often… frustrated when it seemed like my hands were tied. I was ‘laid off’ of work, one year after the “9-11” Terrorist Attach. It seemed like everyone was looking for work and none was available. Day after day, month after month for almost an entire year… I was out of work. Had not the government extended ‘unemployment benefits’… I would have been hurting. Simply put… I had to change career fields. This was actually to my benefit, yet at the time… I could not see it.

(Hebrews 13:5) Let = your way = of life = be without = the love of money, = and = be content = with such things as you have, = for He [God] = has said, = "Not at all = will I = leave you, = not at all = will I = forsake you, = Never!"

Wow, what a “Divine Promise”…! Those that are His children, will have the Promise of God… that He will… “Never”… forsake them! That my friend… that ‘Divine Hope’ and ‘Promise’… is what will give you that… “Divine Assurance of Hope”. But did you realize that “Your Understanding” of those promises are conditional on your… ‘Mindset?’ No, not that God will forsake you… but that You… will Have that “HOPE”… IF your lifestyle is without… “The Love of Money” = and = being “Content” with what you have!

How much more…do you need? Someone asked “Rockefeller” that very question. At the time, one of the wealthiest men in the world. His response… “Just A ‘Little’ More!” That is why most that win the ‘Lottery’ are in trouble. They are not content with ‘the little’ they have, and go crazy with millions. If we will ‘simply learn’ that often times… “Less is More”… we will begin to change our mindset. Remember the ‘battle’ is in our minds… not in our wallet!

(1Timothy 6:6-7-8) But = godliness = with contentment = is great wealth.

(1Tim 6:7) For = we = brought nothing = into the world, = and = it is clear = that we = can carry = nothing out.

(1Tim 6:8) But = having food = and = clothing, = we will be = content.

Here is the ‘Key’… “Godliness and Contentment”… is great wealth. You may not have ‘bragging rights’ about your vehicle or your house, but isn’t… “Hope & Peace”… worth it? How about that person you cannot live without? Are they really the person… that God wants for you? IF he or she is not a child of God, they are not for you. Remember, God takes care of His children! If you want what ‘He’ wants for you… then you have “Hope”, no matter how disparaging you outlook… Looks now!

(Romans 5:1-to5) Therefore = being justified = by faith, = we have = ‘peace’ = with God = through our Lord = Jesus Christ.

(Rom 5:2) Through = Him = we also = have access = by faith = into this grace = in which we stand, = and = we rejoice = on the “Hope” = of the glory of God.

(Rom 5:3) And = not only this, = but = we glory = in afflictions also, = knowing that = ‘afflictions’ = work out = patience,

(Rom 5:4) and = patience = works out experience, = and = experience = works out = “Hope”.

(Rom 5:5) And = “Hope” = does not = make us ashamed, = because = the love of God = has been poured out = in our hearts = through = the Holy Spirit = given to us.

IF these Words… do not give us “Hope”… than ‘nothing’ will! “Hope”… is that Fire Truck… putting out those, “Mental” fires of… ‘Discouragement.’ When will you give up that discouragement… and trade it in for that… “Hope”… given to us… by God’s Holy Spirit. “IF” there is discouragement… “THEN” there is… “No Trust” … in what God, has said in His Word! You must decide… just “WHO”… do you believe. You ‘wrong thoughts’… or… the Hope that God give us in His Word?
(2Peter 1:2-to-10) Grace = and = peace = be multiplied = to you = through = the knowledge of God = and of = Jesus our Lord,

(2Pet 1:3) according as = His divine power = has given to us = ‘all things’ = that pertain = to life and godliness, = through = the knowledge of Him = Who has called us = to glory and virtue,

(2Peter 1:4) through which = He [God] = has given = to us = exceedingly great = and = precious promises, = so that = by these = “You” = might be = partakers = of the divine nature, = having escaped = the corruption = that is = in the world = through lust.

(2Pet 1:5) But = also = in this very thing, = bringing in = “all diligence”, = filling out = your faith = with “virtue”, = and = with virtue, = “knowledge”;

(2Pet 1:6) and = with knowledge = “self-control”, = and = with self-control, = “patience”, = and = with patience, “godliness”,

(2Pet 1:7) and = with godliness, = “brotherly kindness”, = and = with brotherly kindness, = “love”.

(2Pet 1:8) For = “IF” = these things = are in ‘You’ = and = abound, = they make = ‘You’ = to be neither = ‘idle’ = nor = ‘unfruitful’ = in the knowledge = of our Lord = Jesus Christ.

(2Pet 1:9) For = he in whom = these things = are ‘Not’ present = is blind = and = cannot = see afar off = and = has ‘Forgotten’ = that he = was purged = from his sins = in the past.

(2Pet 1:10) Therefore, = brothers, = rather be diligent = to make = your ‘calling’ = and = ‘election sure’, = for = if = ‘you’ = do these things, = you = shall never fall.

“Hope and Trust”… in the Word of God ‘is what’ He has provided in His Word… by His Holy Spirit. These are yours… when you apply them to your life and ‘lifestyle’. Why do I add your ‘lifestyle’… into this equation..? Simply because the majority of us… validate ourselves with… our lifestyle. Our looks and our possessions… ‘often define’… who we are, in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. Remember, the “Only Person”… you have to please is God! Like that saying… “Love God and His Word… and do as you please!” For what you do… will please God!
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