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“Pseudo [False] Christians – 201” [part Two] Blog.

“Pseudo [False] Christians – 201” [part Two] Blog.

Disclaimer: It is not my intent… to ‘demean’ nor to ‘discredit’… any religion or denomination or… “Person”. When I see an “Alternate Truth = displayed as = God’s Truth”… I am commanded by the “Scriptures”… to speak out about this. Please see, “Ezekiel 2:7” & “Jude 1:3-4”… and “Ezekiel 3:18-to-21”… “IF”, you believe the Bible. If you do “NOT”… believe the Bible… all this discussion will mean… ‘nothing to you’.

(1Corinthians 2:12-to-15) But we = have ‘not’ received = the spirit of the world, = but = the [Holy] Spirit from God, = so that we = ‘might know’ = the things = that are = freely given = to us by God.
(1Cor 2:13) These = ‘things/ = we also speak, = not in words = which man's wisdom teaches, = but which the Holy Spirit = teaches, = comparing spiritual things = with spiritual.
(1Cor 2:14) But the = ‘natural’ man = “does not receive” = the things = of the Spirit of God, = for they are = “foolishness” = to him; = “neither” = can he = know them, = because = they are spiritually = discerned.
(1Cor 2:15) But = he who is spiritual = judges “all” things, = yet = he himself = is judged by no one.

Here in America… there are many Christian Denominations as part of our American Culture. ‘Most’ are “NOT” True Biblical Christians. About now, there are ‘some’ reading this… who will be “Angered because of the”… “Bible Truth”… that I am going to share, from the Word of God. American Law and Justus Prudence is derived from our ‘Constitution and the Bill of Rights’. True Biblical Christianity is,,, “Solely Derived”… “Only from the Word of God, the Bible”… and ‘Not’… from some Church or some ‘Denominational’ teaching.

(Proverbs 14:12) There is = a way = which seems = right = to a man, = but = the ‘end’ of it = is the ways = of death.

(John 17:17) Sanctify them = through Your = Truth. = Your = Word = is Truth.

What do ‘you’ hold as “Truth”…? Simple Question, is it what ‘Your’ Church teaches… or what the Word of God, the Bible Teaches? When you… ‘Honestly Answer’… this question, you reveal what exactly you believe. IF… it is the “Right Belief”… then you are in tune with what God says in His Word. IF… it is the “Wrong Belief”… then it does NOT… Completely Agree with the Word of God. “Nothing More… Nothing Less!”

(Numbers 23:19) God = is ‘not’ = a man = that He = should = Lie, = neither = the son of man = that He = should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He not = do it? = Or = has He spoken, = and = shall He not = make it good?

Here is a link…  Simply type in your… ‘Church Denomination’… and then “Compare”… “When & How”… they Started. What their doctrine is… to what the Bible says. I was the same way… as I was raised, a Roman Catholic. I was taught that… ‘No other Church had the Truth… but the Catholic Church. It was ‘only’ after I had left that Church and some 10-years later… went to ‘Look’ for the… “Real Truth!” About now, some will no longer to continue reading. They purposely… ‘Do Not’… want to hear… “The Truth!”

(1Thessalonians 5:21) Prove = ‘All’ = things, = hold fast = to the good.

Surely you would ‘not’… go to a doctor… that had been convicted of “Medical Malpractice?” Surely you would not go to a bank… that had ‘Failed’ and was taken over by the Fed? Surely you would not… move into a neighborhood… next to a ‘sexual predator?’ Surely you would not… eat ‘spoiled’ food? Why then would you believe… what your Church taught… without “First”, checking out what God said in His Word…?

(Matthew 12:30) The ‘one’ =who = is not = with Me [Jesus] = is ‘against’ = Me, = and = the one = who does not gather = with Me = scatters.

(Luke 11:23) He = who = is not with Me [Jesus] = is against = Me, = and = he who does not gather = with Me = scatters.

What was Jesus… speaking about? The ‘religious leaders’ of the Jews, God’s chosen people… had moved away from the teachings of the Bible, the Word of God… and had replaced it… with the ‘teaching of the elders’. That is no different than what we have today, as simply called, “Christian Denominations.” “Who” then do you… believe, “God:… or your Denomination. Can you really say… that they hold to the… “Same Teachings as the Bible?”

Before ‘You’ say something… perhaps I may give you an example. Most Christians know that the Jehovah Witnesses… are ‘not’ True Christians… even though they ‘falsely’ claim to be. So too are the Mormons. Each of these Pseudo Christian groups… “Do NOT Believe that Jesus is God!” To the Mormons, they believe that Lucifer, now the Devil was the Brother of Jesus. Will you say that they are… “Real Christians”… or “Not?” Real Christians believe that Jesus is God… as taught by the Scriptures.

“Don’t Confuse ‘me’ with the Facts”… someone recently remarked to me… “I believe in Jesus and God”… and that is enough! Is that really so? The Muslims, those of Islam believe in God and in Jesus… but that is the ‘God of Islam’ and the ‘Jesus of Islam’… which are “NOT” the “God and Jesus”… of the Bible. Is that Islam belief in “God and Jesus”… enough to bring salvation to them? “Absolutely NOT!”

(John 3:3) Jesus = answered and said = to him, = Truly, = truly, = I = say to you, = Unless a man is = born again, = he cannot = see the kingdom of God.

(John 7:37-38-39) And = in the last day = of the great feast [Passover], = Jesus = stood = and = cried out, = saying, = If = anyone thirsts, = let him = come to Me = and drink.
(John 7:38) He who = believes on Me, = As The = “SCRIPTURES” = Has Said, = "Out of his belly = shall flow = rivers = of = living water."
(John 7:39) But = He [Jesus] = spoke this about = the [Holy] Spirit, = which they = who believed = on Him [Jesus] = should receive; = for = the Holy Spirit = was ‘not’ = yet given, = because = Jesus = was ‘not’ yet = glorified [risen from the dead].

Being Born Again… is Being Born From Above… by God’s “Holy Spirit”. Did you ‘notice’… the ‘qualification’ that Jesus Himself made about this statement? That True Belief in God… must be according to… The “Scriptures”… has ‘Said!’ I have seen and heard all sorts of Belief in Jesus, ranging from one extreme to another. Even the “Taco Jesus”… that made national news. Here where I live there was a ‘religious icon’ that mysteriously appeared on one of the building here and was worshiped as a miracle. … NOT!

(James 3:1) Not ‘many’ of = you = should become = ‘teachers’, = my brothers, = because = you know that = we = who teach = will be judged = “More Severely”.

I have had people tell me… “You ‘say’ you are a Christian and are so… “Unloving with your Remarks!” If I were really ‘unloving’… why “then”, would I… care so much for your… “Soul and Salvation”… that I would… ‘Not’… tell you the Truth of God’s Word, the Bible? True Biblical Love cares for the soul of those that are lost and dying in their… “Sin/Sins!” What is the ONLY SIN… that cannot be Forgiven? It is the Sin of Unbelief. Perhaps that is why… God has taken on Himself to make His Salvation to all mankind.

1. The Holy Spirit Convicts the Sinner… John 16:7-to-11.

2. Jesus enlightens the Sinner… John 1:7-to-14.

3. God commands All Mankind to Repent… Acts 17:30-31.

4. God gives mankind repentance… 2Timothy 2:25-26.

5. No man can come to God… except He first draw him… John 6:44.

6. Each person must be Born Again = by the Holy Spirit of God… John 3:5-6-7.

7. Mankind loves the darkness of sin… John 3:18-19-20.

8. Satan has blinded mankind… 2Corinthains 4:3-4.

9. No good works or law keeping… can save a Person… Titus 3:5 – Ephesians 2:8-9-10.

10. The heart of the person under conviction will respond this way… Acts 9:6.

11. Belief and Confession… bring forth Salvation… Roman 10:9-to-13.

12. Immediately that Salvation is evident by the Holy Spirit… Ephesians 1:4-to-17.

13. Immediately the Holy Spirit comes to resided in that person… 1Cor 12:13 & Romans 8:9.

14. That salvation is permanent… Hebrews 5:9.

15. A real believe has a hunger for the Word of God… Acts 17:11.

16. Salvation is… “Rejected by Many”… Psalms 14:1, Romans one and… ‘Many’ other verses.

17. Straight is the Way and Narrow is the Gate and “FEW” be there that find it… Matt 7:13-14.

The Bottom Line is “Simple”…! Do you believe what GOD… has said in His Word, or do you believe what Your Church Denomination… Says and Teaches? Some examples are “Sabbath Worship” and “Water Baptism for Salvation”. The Bible teaches that… Salvation is By God’s Grace and Mercy Alone…! Nothing More… Nothing Less. There is “NOTHING” you can do to Earn Salvation or even make yourself more righteous… it is the “Grace and Mercy of God”… “Alone!” Nothing can be added to it… nor take away from it.

(John 10:6-to-11) Jesus = spoke this parable = to them, = but = they did ‘not’ understand = what it was = which He = spoke to them.
(John 10:7) Then = Jesus said = to them again, = Truly, = truly, = I say to you, = I am the door = of the sheep.
(John 10:8) All = who came before = Me = are thieves and robbers, = but = the sheep = did not = hear them.
(John 10:9) I am = the door. = If = anyone enters in = by Me, = he shall = be saved = and = shall go in = and out = and find pasture.
(John 10:10) The thief = does not come = except to steal = and to kill = and to destroy. = I = have come = so that they = might have life, = and that = they might have it = more abundantly.
(John 10:11) I am = the Good Shepherd. = The Good Shepherd = lays down = His life = for the sheep.

Now ‘Please’ tell me… how ‘keeping the Sabbath’ or even ‘Water Baptism’… can save Anyone or even make anyone “More Righteous?” “They Can ‘NOT’!” Those are all… “Human Works”… and Not Divine Salvation… “Paid for by the Kings of King, Lord of Lords… the Lord Christ [Messiah] Jesus! Salvation is by Gods’ working through the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross! Nothing More… Nothing Less.

(John 19:30) Then = when Jesus = had received the sour wine, = He said, = It is finished! = And = He bowed His head = and = gave up the spirit.

(1Corinthains 5:7) Therefore = purge out the old leaven = so that you = may be a new lump, = as you are unleavened. = For also = “Christ [Messiah] our Passover” = is sacrificed = for us.

This term… “IT IS FINISHED”… in the NT Greek language of the Bible is an “Accounting Term.” Is simply means… “Paid in Full, for All Time!” Christ Jesus Sacrifice on the Cross and His resurrection from the Dead… “Totally Paid”… for all the “Sin/Sins”… of those that come to Him… “According to the Scriptures”… ‘Past’, ‘Present’ and ‘Future!’ All the Jewish Passover celebrations… simply pointed to this… “One Final Sacrifice for All!” Many today and past… have rejected… “Christ Jesus and His Finished Work”… by adding something to His Eternal Salvation!

(Matthew 7:21-22-23) Not “everyone” = who says to Me [Jesus], = Lord! = Lord! = Shall enter = the kingdom of Heaven, = but = he who = does the will [Word] = of My Father = in Heaven.
(Matt 7:22) “MANY” = will say to Me = in that day, = Lord! = Lord! = Did we ‘not’ = prophesy in = Your name, = and = through Your Name = throw out demons, = and through = Your Name = do Many = wonderful works?
(Matt 7:23) And = then I [Jesus] = will “Say” to them = I = ‘Never’ = knew you! = Depart from Me, = those working = lawlessness!

(2Corinthains 13:5) “Examine” = yourselves, = whether you = are in = the [True Biblical] Faith, = “Prove” = your own selves. = Do you = not know = your own selves, = that Jesus Christ [Romans 8:9] = is in you, = unless = you are reprobates?

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