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“Church or Worship – 101”

“Church or Worship – 101”

A Simple Question… which I ask you to answer. ‘Are Church and Worship the Same Thing or Something Different?’ Most that are churched may have an answer such as, ‘We call our church service a Worship service!’ But in fact are they… “The Same =or= Not?” Almost all have a particular language their group uses. But in fact… they may even be… “Neither!”

The American Language… often “Morphs”… its definition to encompass something; that it is not. If society does that; often the Churches will do that too! Instead of a ‘difference’ between the Religious and the Non-Religious… there is “No Discernable Difference! So there is in the practice of… Worship and/or Church.

(Hebrews 5:14) But = solid food is for = mature people, = whose minds = are trained = by practice = to distinguish = good = from = evil.

Have you ever… seen a sign for a, “Full Gospel” Church? The very words… ‘Full Gospel’… are simply saying that… “Everyone that does not claim to be A ‘Full Gospel’ Church”… is not really a Church, because they are only ‘half’ or ‘one quarter’, Gospel! They really telling that, unless you come to their Church, you are not fully… ‘Worshiping God!’

If a Church… does Not believe that its members… ‘Should Practice’… living by the Bible, is it a real Church? Not! And can they, ‘then be said’, to be Worshiping? Not! Obviously, God gave His Word, “The Bible”… as the sourcebook for Mankind. Religion without “The Bible”… is merely just a ‘Practice and Preference’ and Not a real… “Conviction!” Most do Nor read and study it.

(Luke 4:4) Jesus = answered him, = "It is written, = 'One = must not live = on bread alone, = but on = every Word of God.'"

Ok you say… my Church is a ‘Worship Center’ and not really a Church. We have Worship, a Worship service, a Worship workshop and even a ‘Teen and Kids’… “Worship Services!” Does calling it That… really make it So? I will simply ask you… what is your Agenda? Is it Church or Worship or the…“Real Worship of God?” It can be ‘neither’ of the three and still Perform!

(John 4:23) Yet the hour is coming, = and = is now here, = when = True Worshipers = will = worship the Father = in Spirit = and Truth. = Indeed, = the Father = is looking = for people like that = to Worship Him.
(John 4:24) God is Spirit, = and = those who Worship Him = Must Worship = in Spirit = and = Truth."

“Because ‘GOD’… Said SO!” Who are you that you can, ‘by practice or words’, define as worship when “God” has said… “It is Not Worship?” Next, you will tell me, that I am being ‘Judgmental’ or ‘Critical’… of “Church and Worship!” Well NO… but I am saying that “MOST” of what is… Practiced as Church or Worship… is far from the Bible! How then can it be… Right?

Most Churches have… what is called a, ‘Church Charter’. Many were formulated by a group wanting to ‘Worship’ within certain parameters. They wrote their… “Agenda”… and then went on, to define some of the terms and bylaws. This practice is good, if it is based on the Word of God, and not on a “Denomination”. Today many Churches copy a formulated set of parameters and do not take them to Heart! Their followers are as ‘spiritually blind’… as their Pastors.

(Matthew 15:8-9) 'These people = honor Me = with their lips, = but their hearts = are far = from Me [God].
(Matt 15:9) Their = worship of Me = is empty, = because = they teach = human rules = as doctrines.'"

In the Bible… the Priests or Spiritual Leaders were all, “Men”. Christ Jesus called “12-Men” as the first Apostles. None were women and yet today, there are “Female Pastors” and “Female Worship” leaders and the List, goes on and on. Are those, in their Church, following the Pattern given by God for “Worship?” … “Not!” I even know of a Practicing Homosexual Church, having a Female Pastor as it’s… Worship Leader. Is this, Church, Worship or… Neither? It is… “Neither!”

(1Timothy 2:11-to-14) Let = the woman = learn in silence = with all subjection.
(1Tim 2:12) But I do not = allow a woman to teach, = or = to exercise authority = over a man, = but to be in silence.
(1Tim 2:13) For Adam = was first formed, = then Eve.
(1Tim 2:14) And Adam = was not deceived, = but the woman = being deceived = was in the transgression.

Now, Please allow me… to ask you again? Do you attend ‘Church’ or “Biblical Worship?” Political Correctness… has so permeated the Church, that hardly anyone can tell the difference any more. Say it isn’t so in your Church? In a 2006 survey of Pastors and Bible School Teachers, less than 35%... really believed the “Bible to be Truth and without Error!” Again, is it Church or Worship or… Something Else?

Can Teens or Kids… have a Worship Service or Church… without the ‘Complete Authority’ of… “The Bible?” Again, you may name it what you want, but it may ‘Not really be So’. If, it is Not “True”… Then, it has to be… “A Lie!” Remember “Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny?” Most parents told their Children that they were ‘Real’. What happened when they grew up and matured? So it is that Most have been… ‘Duped into believing’… that “Church or a Worship Service”… is really Worshiping God! Not! Many are living in Adultery, and then go to Church?

(1Corinthians 11:28-to-32) A person = must = examine himself = and then = eat the bread = and drink from the cup.
(1Cor 11:29) For = the one = who eats and drinks = without recognizing the body = eats and drinks = judgment = on himself.
(1Cor 11:30) That's = why = so many of you = are weak = and = sick = and = a considerable number = are dying.
(1Cor 11:31) But if = we judged = ourselves correctly, = we would not be judged.
(1Cor 11:32) Now, = while we are being judged = by the Lord, = we are being disciplined = lest we be condemned = along with the world.

During the Transition… of the Church at Corinth, into the Grace of God, there were those taking Communion, while they were Drunk! Many were truly Children of God! God had to “Spank”… ‘Many’ with sickness and some… even with Death!

Oh that God, would work in “His Church” today… that we might have a ‘Pure Church’, with “Real Biblical Worship!”

If God decided… to work ‘that way’ today, what would happen in your Church? Often times I read in the Old Testament, that when ‘God’s People’ sinned against Him, He left them to their… Own Devices! The thing about Sin… is that it… “Never Satisfies!” It simply “perverts itself” into worse and worse. Simply read Romans chapter one and see this downward progression.

I often mention… what I simply call… “Cultural Christianity”. Most only think about God when someone dies and they attend a funeral service. Sorry, it does no good… to go to God once you are dead! There are no second chances. Here in America, you can even hear songs about God on what is called Christian Radio. “He”, is the theme in the Bible Belt and yet there are Many that have a Bible and… “Never Practice It!”

Ok for the Religions… who go to Church or have a Worship service. How many do you think that Jesus said were “His?” Were there… “Few = Some = or = Many?” Without reading on, simply answer the question? How about in the Churches today? Which ones does “Jesus say are His?” Even in your Church or Worship Service… just how many?

(Matthew 7:20-to-23) So = by their fruit = you will = know them."
(Matt 7:21) "Not everyone = who keeps saying to Me [Jesus], = 'Lord [Master], Lord [Boss],' = will get into = the kingdom of heaven, = but only = the person = who keeps doing = the will [The Word] = of My Father in heaven.
(Matt 7:22) = MANY = will say = to Me = on that day, = 'Lord, = Lord, = we prophesied = in Your Name, = drove out demons = in Your Name, = and performed = many miracles = in Your Name, = didn't we?'
(Matt 7:23) Then = I [Jesus] =will tell them plainly, = 'I never knew you. = Get away from Me, = you = who practice lawlessness!'"

Ok, I will… leave you with this heavy stuff. Will you continue to… ‘Go through the Motions of Church or Worship?’ Or will you examine your heart and the Word of God, to see if your practice matches up with what GOD says in His Word, The Bible? Simply put, the choice is simply yours. God never forces Himself on anyone!

(1Thessalonians 5:21) Prove all things, = hold fast = to the good.

(Ephesians 5:10) Proving = what is acceptable = to the Lord.

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