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“The Law of God – 401”…Blog, Part ‘FOUR’.

“The Law of God – 401”…Blog, Part ‘FOUR’.

There are about… Over ‘1100’… Old & New Testament… “Laws = Testimonies = Precepts = Commandments = Judgments = and the like”… Contained in the Word of God. All this is the… “Law of God”… which can be summed up in the Term… “The Word of God!”

You see, “ALL” these… are for us ‘to know’ the… “Mind of God”… so that we may live in the …“Fear of God”…and… “Through and In”… “The Love of God”. The “Love of God” = The “Word of God} will either… Drive You… “To God”… or… ‘Away from God’… depending… “ONLY” on Your response to it.

(Hebrews 4:12-13) For the Word of God = is living and powerful = and = sharper than any two-edged sword, = piercing even to = the dividing apart = of soul = and = spirit, = and = of the joints and marrow, = and = is a discerner of = the thoughts = and = intents = of the heart.
(Heb 4:13) Neither = is there any creature = that is not manifest = in His sight, = but = all things are = naked = and = opened = to the eyes of Him [GOD] = with Whom = we have to do.

(Jeremiah 23:29) Is not My Word = like a fire? = Says Jehovah; = and = like a hammer = that breaks the rock in pieces?

How many times… have you seen a video or TV… where the term… ‘GD’… was used? I then simply turn off the program or video. Many simply excuse it a part of the lingo used by Hollywood. God does not like His Name… Blasphemed… by humans and will hold all accountable for that. They simply do it… because they… “Do Not… Fear God…!”

(Exodus 20:7) You = shall not = take the name = of Jehovah your God = in vain. = For Jehovah = will hold him guilty = that takes = His name in vain.

In this continuing… discussion of the… “Law of God being the Word of God”… I would like you to consider… “The Fear of God!” Right now, some would say that we are to Love God! Yes, that is ‘True’; but that only focuses on… ‘ONLY ONE’… of the Attributes of God… without taking into context… “All of God and His Nature!”

(Numbers 23:19) God = is not a man = that He = should Lie, = neither = the Son of man = that He = should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He = not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and = shall He = not make it good?

Most casually speak… about God as though He were like us “Humans”. He… is ‘Noting of the Sort!’ Many are so confused by the Media. To know about God… one must study His Word… as He reveals Himself… through His Word. See 1Samuel 3:21 & Deuteronomy 29:29. Many of us relate to God because we have taken… ‘songs such as this’… in our understanding of God.

Too bad… that we allow the Media to… force feed us… their Garbage. Unless you reject the wrong… it becomes a part of your Psyche. Why do you think that so many people smoke? Rational human beings… know about the harmful effects of Smoking. One can hardly watch a video, where someone is not… ‘Smoking!’ So it is… you become… what you accept mentally.

Why then should… we ‘Fear God?’ Perhaps because we relate fear as a, ‘Negative Emotion’. Yet it is very “Helpful” when learning to drive. We dare not… wreck the car! We dare not swim in a… ‘Rip Tide’… at the beach. We dare not stay in a burning building… but run out… immediately. Fear can be a healthy emotion when applied correctly. All of us… ‘Lock our doors at night’… for a healthy fear to stay… Safe! If you speed… you will surely get a ticket, with a healthy… ‘Fine!’ You ‘only’ fear the Police… when you do something wrong… not when you are ‘Doing Right!’

To correctly understand… the ‘Fear of God’ one must know what He says about it… in His Word, the Bible. Most of us had parents that taught us… ‘Right from Wrong’. So too as an adult… we understand those concepts. It is wrong of our employer ‘to cheat us’… on our pay and benefits. One place I worked at.. we did not get a ‘pay raise’… but the Owner took a ‘Big Bonus!’

(Proverbs 16:6) By mercy and truth, = iniquity is purged, = and = by the fear of Jehovah = men = turn away = from evil.

(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) Let us hear = the conclusion = of the whole matter. = Fear God, = and = keep = His commandments. = For this is = the whole duty = of man.
(Eccl 12:14) For God = shall bring every work = into judgment, = with every secret thing, = whether = it is good, = or = whether evil.

Each of us… as adults, knows how to behave ourselves. Perhaps I should say… “Should Know?” In something as simple as a… ‘Job Interview’… we ‘Do Not’… tell our perspective employer… what we want. We do not tell them… when we will come to work or when we will go home. IF we did, surely we would ‘not’ be offered employment. One of the other… ‘Hundreds of Applicants’ would be offered the position. Why then would we… ‘Disrespect’… “God?”

Why should I… respect God… some would say… ‘What has He ever done for me?’ That seems to be the attitude of most Americans. They may attend church… ‘Easter and maybe Christmas’… and hardly ever think about Him any other times. Do you remember… “9-11”… and the terror most had… “Thinking that another attack was emanate?”

People that never… thought about God… went to Church. Did you… “Fear God”… while you watched the Twin Towers… fall to the ground… killing thousands? How about after the Pentagon… was crashed into by that plane? Did you think that you too… would be involved? Who... did you FEAR… ‘The Terrorists… or… God?”

(Matthew 10:28) Stop being afraid = of those = who kill the body = but = can't kill = the soul. = Instead, = be afraid of = the One = Who can destroy = both body and soul = in hell.

(Isaiah 8:13) Sanctify = Jehovah of Hosts Himself, = and = let = Him = be your fear, = and = let = Him = be your dread.

(2Corinthains 5:10-11) For we = must = all = appear before = the judgment seat = of Christ, = so that = each one = may receive = the things done = through the body, = according to = that which he has done, = whether = good = or = bad.
(2Co 5:11) Therefore, = knowing = the fear of the Lord, = we persuade men. = But we are revealed to God, = and I trust also = that we are revealed in your consciences.

About this time… Some may realize that they have… “Never pleased God”… only themselves! We all have… as we have learned that from society and… not from God and His Word, the Bible. Each of us… are sinners… and because of that we need… “A Savior = Christ Jesus!” Some already know Him… and others… do not want to at any cost to themselves. Still there are… You Others… who are sitting on the… “Fence of Indecision!” Remember this… “No One”… gets away with… “Anything!”

“Not to… ‘Decide’ = Is to… ‘Decide’…!” It is up to… You!

(2Corinthains 6:1-2) Since, then, = we are working with God, = we plead = with you = not to accept God's grace = in vain.
(2Cor 6:2) For He says, = "At the right time = I [God] heard you, = and = on a day of salvation = I helped you." = Listen, = now is really = the "right time"! = Now is the "day of salvation"!

(Romans 10:9-to-13) If you declare = with your mouth = that Jesus = is Lord, = and = believe in your heart = that God = raised Him = from the dead, = you = will be saved.
(Rom 10:10) For a person = believes with his heart = and = is justified, = and = a person declares = with = his mouth = and = is saved.
(Rom 10:11) For = the Scripture says, = "Everyone = who believes in Him = will not be ashamed."
(Rom 10:12) For there is = no difference between = Jew and Gentile, = because they all = have the same Lord, = Who gives richly to all = who call on Him.
(Rom 10:13) For = "everyone = who calls on = the name of the Lord = will be saved."

Prayer [You can Pray]: “Father God”… Your Word says I am a helpless sinner and have broken your Law! I am helpless to save myself in doing good. You said that IF I will confess my need of You as my Savior… I will be saved. I do not fully understand it… but I come to You… just as I am. Help me to know You and to understand your Word. I throw myself on Your mercy and on Your justice… paid in Christ Jesus. Thank you for cleansing me from my sin. Help me to be obedient to You and Your Word, I pray this in Jesus’ Name… and for Your Glory… Amen & Amen!

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