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“The Law of God – 303”…Blog, Part ‘THREE’.

“The Law of God – 303”…Blog, Part ‘THREE’.

In my starting discussion… of the “Law of God” I found that due to, length constraints, I was not able to do proper justice to my explanation of this topic. It was just to get your and my ‘thinking’ started. I will continue this periodically trying to tie-together the… “Truth of the Word of God”… with other verses in the Bible. Please allow me to share these… “Core Truths”… with you again?

There are about… Over ‘1100’… Old & New Testament… “Laws = Testimonies = Precepts = Commandments = Judgments = and the like”… Contained in the Word of God. All this is the… “Law of God”… which can be summed up in the Term… “The Word of God!”

You see, “ALL” these… are for us ‘to know’ the… “Mind of God”… so that we may live in the …“Fear of God”…and… “Through and In”… “The Love of God”. The “Love of God” = The “Word of God} will either… Drive You… “To God”… or… ‘Away from God’… depending… “ONLY” on Your response to it.

(Hebrews 4:12-13) For the Word of God = is living and powerful = and = sharper than any two-edged sword, = piercing even to = the dividing apart = of soul = and = spirit, = and = of the joints and marrow, = and = is a discerner of = the thoughts = and = intents = of the heart.
(Heb 4:13) Neither = is there any creature = that is not manifest = in His sight, = but = all things are = naked = and = opened = to the eyes of Him [GOD] = with Whom = we have to do.

Who is this GOD… that I speak about? What does He say about Himself and what does He say about the ‘other supposed gods that are called gods? Could it be that there are many gods or is there Just ONE? Or could it be that there is only one God… and peoples call Him by other names, that really mean Him. … “NOT…!”

(Isaiah 44:6) So says Jehovah, = the King of Israel, = and = His redeemer = Jehovah of Hosts; = I am the first, = and = I am the last; = and = besides = Me = there is = no God.

(Genesis 1:1) In the beginning = God = created = the heavens = and = the earth.

(Deuteronomy 4:32-to-35) For ask now = of the days past which were before you, = since the day that = God = created man = upon the earth, = and = from the one end of the heavens = to the other end of the heavens, = where there has been = a thing = as great as this, = or = has been heard any like it.
(Deut 4:33) Did people = ever hear = the voice of God = speaking out of the midst of the fire = as you have heard = and live?
(Deut 4:34) Or has God = gone forth = to take a nation = for Himself = from the midst of a nation, = by trials, = by signs, = and = by wonders, = and = by war, = and = by a mighty hand, = and = by a stretched out arm, = and = by great terrors, = according to all = that Jehovah your God = did for you = in Egypt = before your eyes?
(Deut 4:35) It was shown = to you = so that you might know that = Jehovah is God, = and = no one else = beside = Him.

(Isaiah 42:5-6) So says = Jehovah God, = He = who created the heavens = and = stretched them out, = spreading out the earth = and = its offspring; = He = who gives = breath to the people on it = and = spirit = to those who walk in it.
(Isaiah 42:6) I = Jehovah = have called You = in righteousness, = and = will hold = Your hand, = and = will keep You, = and = give You = for a covenant of the people, = for a Light = of the nations;

Simply Put… in these verses and Many Other verses in the Bible… God reveals Himself… through His Word. His chosen People… ‘Israel’… were given… “His Law, Statutes, Precepts and Ordinances”… so that ‘Others’ would and could… know about God. They failed miserably, over and over again and yet God still Loves Them! He will restore Jerusalem and His People… to their place, after He, God… is finished with the Gentiles.

God had a covenant peoples… the Jews, Israel the Nation. In their rejection of the Prophets that came to them, speaking God’s Word… and telling them to repent. They continued to reject God and His Word and God spanked them! Christ Jesus the Son of God was sent… “God in the Flesh”… and they still rejected Him. The good news about God… was then given to the Gentiles to share with the Nations…and… blindness was given… to Israel. Until this time… few Jews have come to Christ. But the Gentiles, have now done the same, as Israel… Rejecting God and His Word… the Bible!

(Luke 21:24) They will = fall by the edge of the sword = and = be carried off as captives = among all the nations, = and = Jerusalem will be trampled on = by the gentiles = until = the times of the gentiles = are fulfilled."

When the “Times of the Gentiles”… is fulfilled… God will once again call all His Covenant Peoples… to Jerusalem and He will reign on the Earth… for One Thousand Years! But not all those that are Jewish… are His People. So it was then… and… so it is today.

(Romans 9:6) Now = it is not as though = the Word of God = has failed. = For = not all = Israelites = truly belong to = Israel,

God even gave His Word… to all gentiles. Many have it, in their hearts… without they knowing it. The Word of God… “Killing = Adultery = Stealing = and = Lying”… are Universal Wrongs! Say it isn’t So…? It is So! The penalties are more severe in other countries than the USA. Still the 10-commandments of God… are Universal… for All peoples.

(Romans 2:14-15) For = whenever gentiles, = who do not possess = the law, = do instinctively = what the law requires, = they are a law to themselves, = even though = they = do not have = the law.
(Rom 2:15) They show = that = what the law requires = is written = in their hearts, = a fact = to which = their own consciences = testify, = and = their thoughts = will either = accuse = or = excuse = them

(Psalms 98:2-3) Jehovah GOD = has made known = His salvation; = His righteousness = He = has unveiled = to the eyes = of the nations [gentiles].
(Psalms 98:3) He = has remembered = His mercy = and = His Truth = toward the house of Israel; = All the ends of the earth = have seen = the salvation of Jehovah.

The Word of God = The Law of God… is known to All Peoples in All Nations. Most have rejected it. They have Made their… ‘Own gods’… in substitution for Jehovah God and His Word. The sacrifice of their children… is just such an example. What people would sacrifice their babies to another god [Small-g]…? Today in the ‘Ganges River in India’, children are sacrificed. Tell me how far society has come? The “WHO”… World Health Organization… could not kill the “Bubonic Plague” infested Rats there… because of… the religion of reincarnation. Many more humans died.

Perhaps allow me… to share about… Islam...? They did not start till about… “Circa 700 AD!” In their chant… “Allah Akbar” = translation = Only Allah is God, and Mohamed is his prophet. We all know about… “Jihad = the holy war to kill = all that are not of Islam!” And the lie goes on and on. Abraham calls Jehovah God… His God. Yet the Arabs do not follow the God of Abraham… but the god of Mohamed… Allah!

Buddha and Krishna and… even Astrology… are simply substitutes for the Real God and His Word the Bible. I could go on and on and list many other foreign religions. But there are still many… “Pseudo Christian Religions”… right here in the USA. The Mormons started by Joseph Smith or The Jehovah Witnesses started by James Russell and still others… have foundations… “Based on Lies! Not... on the Word of God… Alone!

(Galatians 1:8) But even if = we = or = an angel from heaven = should proclaim to you = a gospel = contrary to what = we proclaimed to you, = let that person = be = condemned!
(Gal 1:9) What we have told you = in the past = I am now = telling you = again: = If anyone = proclaims to you = a gospel contrary = to what you received, = let that person = be = condemned!

(Isaiah 8:20) To the Law = and = to the testimony! = If = they = do not = speak = according to = this Word, = it is because = no light = is in them.

(John 12:48-49-50) He who rejects = Me [Jesus] = and = does not receive = My Words = has One = Who judges him; = the Word = that I have spoken, = the same = shall judge him = in the last day.
(John 12:49) For I = have not spoken = of Myself, = but = the Father = Who sent Me = gave Me = a command, = what = I should say, = and =what = I should speak.
(John 12:50) And I know = that His command = is life everlasting. = Therefore = whatever = I speak, = even as the Father = said to Me, = so I speak.

What could be… Plainer…? Simply put… Jesus ‘only’ spoke… what God commanded Him to Speak. The Law of God = The Word of God… is what God will choose to use in… “The Final Judgment”… of All Mankind! Say it doesn’t matter…? Do you really believe that… Anyone… will get away with… Anything…?

If… you're living like… there is ‘No God’. . . . You'd Better… be RIGHT !

(Acts 17:30-31) Though God = has overlooked = those = times of ignorance, = He = now commands = everyone = everywhere = “To Repent”,
(Acts 17:31) for = He = has set = a day = when = He = is going to = judge the world = with justice = through a man = He has appointed, = and = He [God] = has given proof of this = to everyone = by raising Him [Jesus] = from = the dead."

Thank you for Your ‘EAR!’ Roger. //Email// atruth459@yahoo.com

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