Tuesday, July 14, 2009

“Got Time – 101”

“Got Time – 101”

First please allow me…
to share with you about the Photo. It was taken at Piccadilly Circus, London UK and the three ‘Models’ were part of a 'Visa Card' commercial being shot there. I asked the producer why… they did not use young models? He said, older women have more… disposable income! Smart marketing…!

Got a Minute… or more to read this blog? How much time do you have today, do you even know or even care? We each have time… like money… and we can only spend it once! We each have… “1440-Minutes Each Day…!” How we spend is solely up to us and to no one else!

Just Say No… is a catchy logo use to discourage people from using illegal drugs. Really the choice of how you spend your ‘Time’ is only up to you! Those ‘1440-minutes’ are totally up to you. Well I have to go to work or school or a date, you may say. Still… that choice is totally yours. How you spend it… has both… rewards and consequences.

If you can… accurately spend your time to your benefit, it will help you in your finances. How can that be? Well, you simply trade your time… for a paycheck! You trade your time… for your entertainment! You trade your time for… ‘Whatever!’ Again, you alone choose… how you spend that… “1440”… each and every day! "Work Smarter... Not Harder!"

We are all… taught how to spend our time. It usually comes from our parents. Soon in school… teachers tell us how we are to spend our time. Then it is our JOB… which takes our time in exchange for money. We have all seen those internet adds, “I make $75 an hour while sleeping!” …LOL! If so, why are you asking me for money… for you to tell me how? …LOL!


In the movie…
“Click”… Adam raced through time only to find out he had aloud life to pass him by... and missed out what is really important. How many of us... miss those important times because we do not know how to spend those… “1441-minutes?”

How about Today… You, take a piece of paper and map out how you spent those… “1441-minutes?” You will simply… be surprised how you spent those minutes and hours once you see them on paper. I find myself, making a plan and then adjusting it, to use the time… ‘My Time, those 1440-minutes’… more efficiently!

(Psalms 39:4) O Jehovah God, make me to know my end, and the measure of my days, what it is; I know how frail I am.

(Psalms 90:12) So teach us to number our days, so that we may bring a heart of wisdom.

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