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“Fried Chicken – 101”…Blog.

“Fried Chicken – 101”…Blog.

ROGER’s - 'Real American' - Fried Chicken!

Please find my… Recipe for Fried Chicken: Please feel free to modify any portion to your likening, although it may not be so good! [Just joking]

I often try, use, and modify a recipe several times... till I get it where... 'I like it!'

Once, I tried to… "Please everybody, but found that was "Impossible!" as I even have a hard time pleasing myself!" I have listed Brand Name products here, but I always use the Wal-Mart Brand, for the savings!

ROGERS, 'Real American' [cross out my name and insert yours here, by my permission!] FRIED CHICKEN!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must read all the instructions completely "first" and have a general understanding of basic cooking and food preparation practices before attempting this = “People Winning Recipe!” This is for your protection, that of your guests, and especially 'that of the Chicken!' [Just joking!]

Also - the Brand Names used here are "only" for a point of reference for products. I often show at Wal-Mart and use their 'own brand' that is at substantial cost savings! Please feel Free to use your own substitution!

You may also... "add your own spices and/or ingredients" such as particular 'hot or mild’ Chilies or peppers or flavorings either natural or synthetic!

1. First select the brand of Chicken, I usually wait till the Purdue Brand is on sale or your local store brand, and then I buy 2-4 and place 2-3 of them in my freezer. [Not for longer than six weeks] IF frozen, be sure to THAW in the refrigerator and not on the counter top!

2. I take the chicken from its store wrapped package, remove the internal innards package, and wash the entire chicken, inside and outside, at least 3 times ONLY with running tap water!

3. Important: Use an extremely sharp knife! I cut the chicken in pieces, cut and separate the whole leg from the body, where it attachés to the back. Cut this leg and thigh apart. Do the other leg assembly also.

4. Separate and cut the wing assembly from the body, but leave this part complete. Separate and cut the breast from the back assembly. Leave the back whole. Cut the breast assembly into half, side to side, just where the breastbone attachés the cartilage. You have to cut and separate this.

5. Wash thoroughly with running water these chicken pieces and place into a large plastic bowl. Take at least 3 trays of ice cubes or equivalent chunks of ice - into the bowl. Take "One Handful or equivalent" of Table Salt or Kosher Salt and place into the same bowl. Just cover the chicken with water and stir by hand till the salt is mixed up. Add additional two trays of more of ICE if necessary!

6. Important: The chicken must always have a sufficient quantity of ICE in the solution, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. 'At NO Time', must the Chicken be left without any Ice! Place covered? Into the refrigerator? till the appropriate time is up.

7. Allow to stand for 1 to 2 hours. All processed meat, poultry and the like, are refrigerated. There is some moisture loss, due to this process. This solution will 'infuse the chicken with additional moisture, and make it finger licking good!' [Very moist also!]

8. Now, while the chicken is 're-hydrating', "Thoroughly Wash Your Hands and 'preparation area and implements', with some type of Anti-bacterial Dish Detergent, such as the Palmolive Brand that I use! This is imperative, as there can be no bacteria contamination of the workspace.

9. Prepare in a Ziploc, extra large, gallon or larger, 'Double Plastic Bags [one inside of the other] a mixture for 'Special Coating the Chicken.' Sometimes I substitute a Wal-Mart plastic shopping bags. Take 1 cup, any All-Purpose Flower and place it into the bag. Take 2 tablespoons of Lawry's Seasoned Salt, [regular table salt will suffice if you don't have it] and 1/2 tablespoon of McCormick Garlic Salt, and 1/2 tablespoon of McCormick Onion Salt. Place these into plastic bag with the flower. Now, it is imperative that? You grind? 'McCormick Peppercorn's to obtain one tablespoon of black pepper. If you do not have a pepper grinder, substitute pre-ground pepper. Place into mixture. Take 1 TEASPOON not tablespoon of McCormick Paprika and add in to the dry solution. CLOSE THE BAGS, the inner one first and then the outer one. Thoroughly shake this mixture till it is completely mixed, and set aside.

10. This should be done just prior to the completion of the chicken soaking preparation. Take a large bowl, and break two larger or jumbo eggs, [substitute 3 small ones] along with 1/4 cup of buttermilk. [Half- &-half can be substituted] Beat this mixture with a whisk till thoroughly mixed.

11. Preheat your cooking oil, a mixture of, "3/4 Mazola Corn Oil or Wesson Corn Oil and 1/4 California Virgin Olive Oil", or equivalent in a larger cooking pot to 350 degrees F. I generally use a pot with high sides 1/3 full of cooking oil mixture. In addition, I ALWAYS use a candy thermometer to ensure that the temperature is right! Under no circumstances allow your oil to get hotter than 365 degrees F.

12. Locate a 'cake rack or similar device' for allowing the chicken to drain. Remove each piece of the chicken from the 'soaking solution', and place on this 'rack'. 'Do Not Rinse the Chicken!' Dispose of the soaking solution down the drain. Allow the chicken to? Air Dry? For a few minutes? Or? Pat dry with a paper towel. Take the chicken and place it into the egg mixture, and thoroughly coat the chicken with this egg wash, by turning the chicken over and over. Remove each piece and place on the cake rack to drain for approximately one minute. As an alternative you [as I often do] substitute Buttermilk for the egg wash!

13. Open the bags with the coating mixture and place the egg washed coated chicken into the bags. Seal each bag and grasp the bags by the Zip Lock end and mildly shake or turn till the chicken is completely coated!

14. When your oil is at temperature, Remove the chicken with "Tongs!" not your fingers! Place the larger pieces, the breast and the legs into the oil first. Cook these till golden brown, and place on Scott Paper Towels or equivalent to drain as you are frying the remaining pieces.

15. Serve hot, or room temperature, with Potato Salad, [Both Home Made] Cole Slaw and Boiled Fresh Corn, Lausanne, Nestea or Lipton Ice Tea! "DO NOT SERVE WITH A CARBONATED BEVERAGE! The carbonation will fill you with gas and not chicken! Enjoy! You may double this recipe, if you are going to have a Crowd!

16. If you do not want to deep-fry the chicken, you may obtain the approximate results with an "Oven Bake" at 350 degrees F, for 40-45 minutes. Some persons cannot tolerate any oil of any type, and this is a permissible substitute for deep-frying.

17. After frying the chicken, let the oil cool, covered, and filter and safe for the next fry. I only use my oil twice and then dispose of it. Do not allow any of the solids to enter the clean container used for this oil storage. I normally only save about 3/4 of this oil and add fresh oil for the next frying to obtain the specific liquid quantity for my frying Pot or deep fryer.

18. This is implied permission to claim this recipe for "Your Own!" Freely I have developed with time and experimentation - Freely I share!

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