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“Ignorance – 101” Blog.

“Ignorance – 101” Blog.

We are all… “Born Ignorant!” This word, ‘ignorance’ simply means, “Un-Informed!” We are ignorant of ‘Language’ and within only two years, a baby learns a foreign language. We go to kindergarten to learn basic social skills. ‘Ignorance’ will abound where there is ‘neither teaching nor information’. Part of that problem may also be due, to the absence ‘Good Qualified Teaching’ or of absence of the ‘learning skills’ of the student. These can all be ‘taught’ by Information.

In elementary school… we are supposed to learn, “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.” Most learn some, other do not and are ‘moved on’, anyway! Often, improper teaching combined with deficient social skills, may cause ‘one’ may be labeled. This ‘ADD’ and the ‘AA-ADD’ may be used by the public school system to obtain more ‘federal funds’. This ‘Social Tracking’ will follow ‘the person’ during their public school life.

As pre-teens and teens… most, enter into a realm of ‘raging hormones’ and ‘authority rebellion’, as taught by their peers. We soon learn how to ‘work the system’, to our own benefits. In high school, Tech School or in College, we fine tune our… ‘Manipulation’… of the system, to our own gain. All these are learned! We move from Ignorance… to Information. Some, more than others!

But the “Information”… we have received, may lead us into ‘more ignorance’. Political Correctness… is really… “Disinformation!” It is fed to us as “News”, which carries a political agenda either, ‘conservative or liberal’. Still even more ‘Unknown’ is something as simple as, “Music!” It teaches you, ‘An Agenda’. “As… ‘Every Song’ is a… Sermon!”… You like the tune, so you, ‘without a mental rejection’… take it into your thought process.

Few think... Only about 5%... Some think they think, about 10% and the remaining 85% do not think at all!

“That can’t be so”… you may say to me. How Then… did our nation get into so much “Financial Debt”… both ‘Personal’ and Governmental? Is it reasonable to buy a ‘House’, which you cannot afford to make the payments on? “…Absolutely Not!”

“Not… To Decide… Is To… Decide!”

“Ignorance Abounds”… Only by ‘personal choice’. The information is there, but most choose not to acknowledge it. The ‘Ego’ takes over and we want to allow people to see… ‘Only how we want them to see US!’ It is like buying a house and paying, ‘Only’ the interest only. One never pays off the house loan, but their friends ‘think’ that they must be wealthy. “…NOT!” In reality they are… “Stupid”… for taking on a ‘debt’, which they cannot possibly pay off. “Less is More!”

The Internet… may provide you with the information to remove your ignorance. I always cross check my sources as there is even “Disinformation” there. A simple ‘written plan’ of action will help one make… “Informed Intelligent Decisions”. Earlier this year, I posted a blog, “London -101”. It provided… information to remove ignorance… when traveling to the UK.

How many of us… do the research when purchasing a car? Buying used car [pre-owned] without the… “Car Fax”… history report is tantamount to purchasing a “Pig in a Poke.” Even the new cars are advertized, bragging about “Miles per Gallon”. They… “Misinform”… the buyer because as most of us drive… ‘Town’ and NOT, ‘Highway’ miles! Nor do they tell you that the “MPG” is Estimated and “NOT” actual. How many have even sat down and figured what it will cost, to drive your car for the next “Five Years?” Car cost, insurance, gas, maintenance and extras.

Each and Every… bit of ‘Information’ is used to simply, “Change your mind”. You may be ignorant of a particular topic or methodology. The library is there for those that like ‘hard copies.’ The internet has provided you with ‘Your own copy’ saved to file or disk. Yet your

“Ignorance”, is till simply a… ‘Matter of Choice.’ You choose, to learn or not to learn. No one forces you to make your wrong or right decision, that choice is ‘Always’… “Yours!”

Did you know… there is a book that could be called… “Life for Dummies?” I will give you “The Wisdom” to… ‘Live Life Properly!’ It may not give you all the… “How To”… but it will give you the… “Wisdom to make the Right Choices and Decisions”. It is a book full of… ‘Decision making examples’… “Both good and bad”. Perhaps you have never been… ‘Informed’… of the qualities of this Book? It is called… “The Bible!”

(Matthew 4:4) But He [Jesus] answered, = "It is written, = "'Man shall not live by bread alone, = but by every word = that comes from = the mouth of God.'"

(Psalms 19:7-to-11) The = law = of Jehovah = is perfect, = restoring the soul: = The testimony = of Jehovah is sure, = making wise the simple.
(Psalms 19:8) The = precepts = of Jehovah = are right, = rejoicing the heart: = The commandment = of Jehovah = is pure, = enlightening the eyes.
(Psalms 19:9) The fear of Jehovah = is clean, = enduring for ever: = The ordinances = of Jehovah are True, = and righteous = altogether.
(Psalms 19:10) More to be desired are they then gold, = yea, than much fine gold; = Sweeter also than honey = and the droppings of the honeycomb.
(Psalms 19:11) Moreover = by them = is thy servant = warned: = In keeping them = there is = great reward.

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