Thursday, July 23, 2009

“Diamond – 101”…Blog.

“Diamond – 101”…Blog.

Some time ago… I was going through my dresser drawers and found my ‘Diamond’. I did not really forget about it, but did not have any immediate use for it, as the saying goes, ‘Out of Sight… Out of Mind. Often times we have pictures for that very purpose. They remind us of someone or something. I love to take pictures when I travel.

Here is the Story…! No, she didn't break the Engagement! NO, I did not give it to her! Yes, that is my ring! NO... I did not Offer it to YOU...! NO... I am Not ‘Fishing’ … for A Girlfriend! And... NO… I do not have one now…! …LOL!

Some years ago… when I worked in… “Worldwide Field Service”… and I visited a Manufacturing Plant in Connecticut! The machine operator Andre and I got to be friends, as I frequently visited them for ‘Periodic Service’ on their “Plasma Machine”. No, not Blood… but “Electronic Plasma” in a ‘Vacuum Chamber’ for processing… Circuit Boards and Silicon Wafers! …High Tech!

Andre was engaged… to his next door neighbor. He owned the duplex, and they dated. His 9-year old daughter and her ‘Son 6 and Daughter 10’… got along just Fine! He got engaged to her! Bad News! Her previous ‘Boyfriend’… got out of Jail as an ‘Early Release for Good Behavior!’ He served 5 of 7-year sentence for Dealing Cocaine and other drugs.

The old boyfriend… ‘MOVED IN’… with this girl, even though She was Engaged to Andre! …OUCH! He asked for the ring back, and she said NO! He had paid over $3600 for the ring, a “1.38C Marquise Diamond - Engagement Ring!”… BAM!

One day… Her cat was outside and Andre took that cat into… His House! She sent both of her Children over… and Asked for… “The Cat!” Andre asked the kids, “Is your mommy’s boyfriend still there?” They replied YES! Then they said, “Mommy is going to marry him… And Not You!” … BAM!

Andre calmly said… “When your mommy gives me the Ring… She may have ‘The Cat’… Back!” About 10-minutes later, the kids brought… ‘The Ring’ over… and asked for the CAT! He complied and gave them, ‘The Cat!” … BAM!

Andre told me… this story as we were having lunch, and shared with me, “One of the guys here offered me, ‘$1,000’ for the ring”. I may have to do it… for I have an attorney bill due next week for $800. I asked him, “Will YOU take $1,100 for it NOW?” He said YES! I paid him and have had that ‘Ring’... just sitting around for some time!

I almost… traded it for a ‘Sniper Rifle’ at a Gun Show some time ago… and… almost one time, for a Boat & Motor! But thought… I better hold on to it… Just in Case! I may even have the stone made into a ‘Mans Ring’… except I do not wear Rings! … BAM!

(Matthew 16:26) For what profit will a person have if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what can a person give in exchange for his soul?

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