Monday, May 4, 2009

“Are YOU… Friendly – 101”

Today I thought… I might lighten up a little and share some things that I do. IF you checked out my ‘Blast’… on my Yahoo 360… ...You would find a song by a Thai singer… “Nicole Theriault”. I really enjoy her music as she has a ‘sweet spirit.’

I have traveled… somewhat in my life and really enjoy it. I like meeting new people in other countries. Many are cordial and would like to… ‘Try Out’… their use of English on you. I often went to my local library and got a tape or CD of the language of the country I would visit on my travels. Most locals… really appreciate it when a foreigner speaks in their language, even if it is only a few words. Most of them speak English and at least a few other languages.

Like most Americans… I believe that ‘Everyone’ that lives here should know how to communicate in English. I too feel that many… purposely do not do so… as an excuse to maintain their cultural mindset, while taking advantage of the benefits of living here. But few Americans are fluent in… Another Language! Sorry… “Text”… Is NOT… another Language!

That is still… “No Excuse” for rudeness. I try and… Be Friends… with All. You may not agree with all that a person stands for, nor may you be supportive of their lifestyle. I find that some are even… “Bigots!” They hold their own… double standard. Frankly… Can’t we all… just get Along?

How about it… are you open to… “Other Cultures?” Sorry No I am Not… You may reply! But ‘why then’ do you go to that Chinese Restaurant… and order the.. “Mo Gu Gui Pan [R-6]”? …Or to… the Indian Restaurant and order… the Curry? …LOL! …LOL!

May I simply… suggest that you visit some other pages or even listen to some of the songs on YouTube and listen to the… “Others”… that we share this planet with? Well I can’t understand what they are saying? Perhaps you have not availed yourself of the Tools we have available?

There are many more… that you may find on your own on the Internet! How about It? When was the last time… You really Stretched… “Your Mind & Thinking?” Perhaps you will… even Enjoy It!

· (1Corinthians 6:9-10-11) Do you not know = that the unrighteous = shall not inherit = the kingdom of God? = Do not be deceived; = neither fornicators, = nor idolaters, = nor adulterers, = nor abusers, = nor homosexuals,
· (1Cor 6:10) nor thieves, = nor covetous, = nor drunkards, = nor revilers, = nor extortioners, = = shall inherit the kingdom of God.
· (1Cor 6:11) And = such were = = “SOME OF YOU”. = = But = you = are washed, = but you are sanctified, = but you are justified = = in the name of the Lord Jesus, = = and by the Spirit of our God.

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