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“Does GOD… Love Everyone -101”…Blog.

Or is that… just a ‘Miss-Understanding’… of the “God of the Bible?” Many know about these verses that say… “God is Love”. They then wrongly conclude that… “God Loves Everyone”. But in the broadest sense of the ‘Thought’… God does love everyone… Enough to send His Son… “Christ Jesus”… to be their payment for… “Sin/Sins”. Most… “Will Not Accept”… this free… “Gift of God”… but will instead… ‘Reject God and His Word’… “The Bible.”
· (1John 4:13-to-16) By this = we know = that we dwell in Him, = and He in us, = because = He = has given us = of His Spirit.
· (1Jn 4:14) And we have seen = and = testify = that the Father = sent the Son = to be = the Savior of the world.
· (1Jn 4:15) Whoever = shall confess that = Jesus is the Son of God, = God dwells in him = and he in God.
· (1Jn 4:16) And = we have known = and believed = the love that God has in us. = God is love, = and = he who abides in love = abides in God, = and = God in him.

Wow, that is ‘Great’… But, suppose I take $5 and go to one of these ‘beggars’ on the street corner. You know the ones with those sings, ‘will work for food’. Then ask him… IF… he will confess to those above Bible verses. THEN… he takes the $5 and says he confesses that… “Jesus is Lord”… will that make it so? Absolutely Not! He only wanted the… $5. His life… never changes… only his words, ‘temporarily’.

· (Romans 9:13) As = ‘it is written’, = Jacob have I loved, = but = Esau = have I [God] = hated.

HOW Could this Be...? Jacob and Esau were… ‘Twin-Brothers?’ Both had what we would call Loving Parents, an unbroken home, enough of life things so that they were not destitute and yet… ONE… Found Favor with GOD… and… ONE… Rejected GOD.

The GOD of the Bible… Reveals Himself… “Both through nature in His creation”… and… “In His Righteousness”… by the Law of GOD… in His Word… “The Bible.” Some references are… Psalms 19, Psalms 98:2… and All of Romans Chapter One! And… ‘In and Throughout’… “His Word – The Bible”.

If mankind does not… accept the witness of God through His Creation, then they simply believe the… “Lie of Evolution”! They simply substitute the thoughts of man… for those of God as in Romans chapter one. They will “NOT”… Surely then believe the Bible… or even… the testimony of… Others as to the Grace of God… “In Forgiveness!”

· (Romans 1:22) Professing to be wise, = they = became fools.

Have you ever… been caught in a… “Radar Speed Trap?” Or seen someone else, ‘Pulled Over?’ Did you maintain your Same Speed… or… Did you Slow Dows… IF Only for a little distance? So it was right after… “The ‘9-11’ Terrorist attack on the ‘Twin Towers’ in New York”! Churches were flooded with people… supposedly seeking “God”. Where are all those people… “Now?”

Of course Most… will often deceive ourselves into believing that… “We are getting away with Something?” Something Simple Like… “A Lie, A Steal, A Pretense that we are Someone that we are NOT”. The List… goes on and on, and yet… ‘Each’ of us… knows these… “Truths and Lies”… that we daily Practice… without any thought of GOD.” Simply see that… “No One”… gets away with… ‘Anything’! As ‘YOU’ Plant… So ‘YOU’… Will Harvest!

· (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) Let us hear = the conclusion = of the whole matter. = Fear God, = and = keep His commandments. = For = this is = the whole duty = of man.
· (Eccl 12:14) For God = shall bring = every work = into judgment, = with every = secret thing, = = whether it is good, = or = whether evil.

The “Real YOU”… is the one on the inside… not the one… “On The ‘Outside”! “GOD Knows the… Real US!” With all “HIS Perfections”… and all “OUR Imperfections”… He has offered to us… “Salvation through the Finished Work of Christ”! ‘Most’… have rejected… “His Gift” to us, as did Esau. Many today are just like him. Even repentance did not help Esau.

· (Hebrews 12:16-17) That = not any = fornicator, = or profane one, = as Esau, = who for one meal = gave up = his birthright;
· (Heb 12:17) For = you know = also that afterwards = desiring to inherit = the blessing, = he was rejected, = for he found = no place of repentance, = although seeking it out with tears. = Gen. 27:36-39

Justifiably there are… “Many”… that simply, ‘Know about God’. They have rejected… “God’s Love, Mercy and Grace”! Would you or could you say they “Love God?” Or do they by their actions… ‘Hate God’? Is their lifestyle and their actions representative of someone that “Loves God”… As God Loves Them? Or rather… have they rejected God… to their own harm?

When you say… “God Loves Everybody”… does that mean… “Those like Esau”… that have rejected the… “The Love, the grace and the mercy of God”? Esau sinned away his day of grace, so do those that reject God. How then can you say that… “God Loves Them” Just because they live here in America, ‘One Nation under God’? Absolutely Not! We as a people… “Not Under God”!

How can a nation… who says they are, ‘Under God’…. “Permit the Murder… of Innocent Babies in their Mother’s Womb”? Will you tell me… that “God Loves those People?” IF you do, then you do not know your… Bible! But I will qualify this statement. “I know personally of a nurse that ran an abortion clinic that came to Christ Jesus for Salvation”, by the Grace of God!

Those that will… come to “Christ Jesus for Salvation”… will respond to the “Love of God”! Those that ‘Will Not’, respond to His Love… are those who will… ‘Never Come to Him’! They simply… “Love their Sin… and… Hate God”! [John 10:16 & John 6:37]

· (John 3:18-19-20) He = who believes on Him = is not condemned, = but = he = who does not believe = is condemned already, = because he has not believed = in the name = of the only-begotten = Son of God.
· (John 3:19) And = this is = the condemnation, = that the Light has come into the world, = and = men = loved darkness = rather than the Light, = because their deeds were = evil.
· (John 3:20) For everyone = who does evil = hates the Light, = and does not come to the Light, = lest his deeds = should be exposed.

Will you still… tell me that God… Loves those that have… “Rejected Him… and His provision… for Sin/Sins”? Surely as Esau, they too have rejected God and His Love. Do you still need more convincing? I will post some verses below. Please answer me… “Does God Love These = People”?

· (Jude 1:4) For = “certain men” = crept in secretly, = those having been of old = previously written = into this condemnation, = ungodly ones = = perverting = the grace of our God = for unbridled lust, = and = denying the only Master, = God, = even our Lord = Jesus Christ.

· (2Timothy 3:5-6-7) Having = a form of godliness, = but denying = the power of it; = = even turn away = = from 'these'.
· (2Tim 3:6) For = of “these” = are “those” = who creep into houses = and = lead captive = silly women = loaded with sins, = led away = with different kinds of lusts,
· (2Tim 3:7) Ever learning = and = never able = to come to = the full knowledge = of the truth.

· (2Corinthians 11:13-14-15) For such “ones” = are false apostles, =deceitful workers, = transforming themselves = into the apostles of Christ.
· (2Cor 11:14) Did not = even Satan = marvelously transform = himself = into = an angel of light?
· (2Cor 11:15) Therefore = it is no great thing = if = his “ministers” = also transform = themselves = as ministers of righteousness, = whose end = shall be = according to = their works.

There are hundreds… of other Bible verses that speak of… such ones… that through the rejection of… ‘The Truth’… have become… “As Esau”! What does the… “Word of God”… have to say to them? Is there a warning to them… that have yet to reject… God and His Word?

· (2Corinthians 5:10-11) For = we = must all appear = before = the judgment seat of Christ, = so that = each one = may receive = the things done through the body, = according to = that which he has done, = whether good = or bad.
· (2Cor 5:11) Therefore, = knowing = the fear of the Lord, = we persuade men. = But we are revealed to God, = and I trust also = that we are revealed in your consciences.

· (Hebrews 10:28-to-31) He who = despised Moses' Law = died = without mercy = on the word = of two or three witnesses.
· (Heb 10:29) Of = how much worse = punishment, = do you suppose, = will he = be thought worthy of punishment, = = the one = = who has trampled = the Son of God, = and = = who = = has counted = the blood of the covenant = with which = he was sanctified = an unholy thing, = and = has insulted = the Spirit of grace?
· (Heb 10:30) For we know = Him = Who = has said, = = "Vengeance belongs to Me, = I will repay, = says the Lord." = = And again, = = "The Lord shall judge = His people."
· (Heb 10:31) It is = a fearful thing = to fall into = the hands of = the living God.

When People Say… “God Loves Everyone”… they do so simply because they do not fully understand… “The Righteousness of God”… Nor… “His Love and Hatred of Sin” He, God has sent His Son… “To Pay for All Sin”… and yet… ‘Most of Mankind.… have rejected… “His Love and His Word?! They have… “No Fear of God”… because of those… that keep on telling… Them… “God is Love!”

They reason in their minds… “If God can still Love Me… and I am living like this… then God must be… allowing me to live like this”. Never does the person sharing… “God’s Love”… Tell the Hearer… “God will Judge you… for the Sins you… Continue To Commit!”

They… often share… “John 3:16 & 17”… Without… “John 3:18-19-20”

How then is… the sinner to realize their sin and repent? This is the scourge of America. We have… “Only A Cultural Christianity!” Our nation and peoples… Do Not Practice… their Faith. Why? Simply because it is a faith based on… “A God”… who they wrongly believe loves them in their… sinful practices. ‘Once Again’… “How Many”… That went to church during “9-11”… “Still Attend?”

I would compare this… “Incomplete ‘Understanding and Presentation’ of the Gospel”… to something like this. You go to your doctor. He dose many tests on you and tells you that you have a virus. Your cold is caused by this virus. Yet he… “Does Not Tell YOU”… that you have … ‘another virus’. This virus is called… “Cancer!” It will kill you. He hides it… from you!

That is simply why… so many say they believe in Jesus and ‘live like’… they do not know Him! Perhaps… if each and every one of us… would know and study… “The Word of God Daily”… then we would understand what we know… and preach. [2Timothy 4:1-to-5]

Salvation for all mankind… can be an analogy of a bank account. God has written a check for you, each and every one of you… “In Payment for your “Sin/Sins”… past, present and future”. You think within yourself, “Well someday I will get around and cash this check.” You do so because, you like how you are living… and… “There appear to be ‘no immediate’ consequences!”

· (Revelation 21:8) But = the fearful, = and = the unbelieving, = and = the abominable, = and = murderers, = and = whoremongers, = and = sorcerers, = and = idolaters, = = and all liars, = = will have their part = in the Lake = burning with fire = and brimstone, = = which is the second death.

As each one… Continues… “To Reject God and His Word”… they plant a field… that they will Harvest!” Did you notice the order of the… “Sins”… in this list? The first, “Fearful and Unbelieving” and the list ends with… “All Liars!” …What a Sandwich!

Does God Love… these who will spend eternity in the ‘Lake of Fire’? Simply He has spoken already. I will simply ask you again. “When you present… “The Love of God”… do you give a ‘Balanced Presentation’… of that “Love of God”… “With the Judgment of God”… that will be to “ALL”… those that… “Reject His Love in Christ Jesus”… and… “Reject His Word?”

· (Romans 9:13) As it is written, = Jacob have I loved, = but = Esau = have I [God] = hated.

· (1Corinthians 16:22) If = = ANYONE = = does not = love = the Lord Jesus Christ, = = let him = = Be ACCURSED. = = The Lord comes!

· (Jeremiah 11:14) And you, = do not pray = for this people, = nor = lift up a cry = or = prayer = for them. = For = I [God] = will not hear them = in the time = they cry to Me = for their trouble.

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