Saturday, May 16, 2009

“Bait & Switch – 101”…Blog.

Have you ever heard… “Let the Buyer Beware? Of course you have and today it really has a more potent meaning than ever before. Most of the time those mega-warehouses have advertized specials, ‘Only 5-per Store!’ I was the first one in the door and was told, ‘sorry the shipment did not come in’. What, no rain checks… either! Sorry!
Normally I squeeze… the nickel so hard the “Indian gets on the Buffalo… and rides away”! For those of you that are not familiar with that term, it means the buffalo nickel. It speaks of ‘Complete frugality’… in purchasing products or services.

The ‘First and Greatest’… concept of Consumerism and my ‘personal’ favorite saying about spending and buying is…
“It is Not… ‘How Much’… Money, YOU have… It is How… ‘You Spend’… the Money, you have!”
Right now I… am shopping for a Camcorder, a digital high definition with a hard drive and still picture capability. The one I liked is the… “Sony HDR-XR520V” It has many advanced features, a “12 - Megapixel Still” capability and High Definition recording on a “250-Gig Internal Hard Drive” No more tape cassettes and transferring tapes to CD’s. I would no longer have to carry multiple cameras... “Only One”... when traveling.
Before I buy… anything, I shop ‘on line’ first. I find the best price and then I go to my local store and see what they have. This way I get the feel of the product, especially if I am buying shoes. Many times when purchasing on line, there is no sales tax and minimal shipping charge. During the Christmas season, many merchants have… free shipping.

Long story short… I found this camera on line for about half of what other stores had it for. Sound too good to be True? Ever wonder Why? It is called the… “Bait & Switch!” They bait you with the fantastic price, tell you it is not in stock and then sell you another model. Sound familiar. Somehow the ‘American Consumer’ has been duped many times.
Several internet sites… selling this camcorder had listed… ‘In stock and immediate shipping’. After being put on hold… more than once… ‘I was told repeatedly’… we will have that in two weeks. So I decided to seek some further investigation. There are several sites, like these.

As you may see…
at these sites the Business does not have such a reputable rating, nor are they honest about their practices and practices. Again the proverb… “Let the buyer… Beware!” Many of the sites are reputable, but one good rule of thumb is… “IF it sounds too good to be True… It Probably Is!” “… Liar, Liar… Pants of Fire!”
I even went… to the Sony site where they are having a 20% off on their closeout models. But even with that discount, one can do better at their local electronics store. The camcorders that they had did not have the features I wanted. I felt it is better to wait… rather than settle for something that is technically inferior, but still better than I presently own. I will just wait for the price, “I Want to pay… ‘Not the one’… they want me to Pay!”

Patience is the Key… in any ‘purchase or decision’. I often sleep on it… and wake up with a new perspective. Remember the selling key is to get the consumer hooked and real him or her in. Purposely… they will often sell… “You Owe it to Yourself!” Often just waiting… will yield you pleasant results.
· (Luke 12:15) And He [Jesus] said to them, = Watch and keep = yourselves = from covetousness. = For a man's life = is not in = the abundance of the things = which he possesses.

Is there Anything…
that you can purchase… that you cannot live without? Perhaps, if I simply take you back to the. “9-11 Terrorist Attack?” That week, was there anything that you really needed that you could not… live without? Truthfully, I could not think of anything that… “I had to have immediately!” “Simple patience”… will work Each and Every time… even in a dating situation! …LOL!
What you Own... Owns You...!

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