Saturday, May 23, 2009

“Lying – 101”…Blog.

“Lying – 101”…Blog.

How about it… have you ever “Lied or been Lied To?” Well of course, we all have. Did you know as a child I was not taught to Lie… but to always tell the Truth, no matter what the consequences were. Soon enough, I saw adults Lying. When I questioned them… ‘I was reprimanded’. Still inside of me, there was that something that told me that… Lies are always… ‘Wrong!’

How about the Politicians… that have told us Lies? It is what they… ‘Haven’t told US’… that is the biggest ‘Lie’. The USA Social Security system will be Bankrupt in 2017, by supporting more than are paying… into the System. One ‘Never’ hears about the Loans our Government has… made to itself… from those funds.

Have you noticed… the Gas Prices lately? They always go up, before Holidays and Summer trips. The supposed shortage of Oil, worldwide is nothing more than… “Disinformation”. There is enough Oil on the ‘Alaska North Slope’ and in the Gulf of Mexico, so that we as a nation… would Never have to buy… Foreign Oil Again. Other foreign countries are drilling in the Gulf!

Grocery Prices too… are a Lie. Simply check the… “Ounces in the Package”. Almost ALL producers have lowered their container volume. The boxes of cereal are smaller, mayonnaise and many of the containers have changed their size to accommodate their… ‘Lower Volume Contents’. Have you even noticed… or did that one get by… You?

New Laws are… working their way through congress. They are designed to… ‘Correctly Inform’… the consumers about the changing Credit Card charges. They are drafted to… ‘Correctly Inform’… the consumer of how long it would take to pay off the card, only making the minimum payment. In addition statements would show each month the accumulated interest it cost you instead of monthly interest.

Why all these… Lies in our… “One Nation under God?” Simply because America is “Not” a Christian Nation. We are only a… ‘Cultural Christian Nation’… in ‘word only’ and… “Not in Practice!” Why else… would so many… try to defraud one another? Think about this one!

· “No matter what you say… it’s your actions… that speak of You!”

It is really… that… ‘Simple?’ Lies form the basis of our society! Say it isn’t so? How then did Wall Street… float unsecured, over priced real estate, with lending, that could not be repaid by the borrower? Why would some take a loan… when they knew… they could not possibly repay it? Oh well, the lender… approved me… so it must be right! …”NOT!”

Lies will always… come back to haunt each and every one of us. No one escapes. Lies have become our… “Tools of Choice!” We have in fact… become our own gods [small-g]… through this thinking. That… “Age defying cream” and… the ‘Hair coloring’ has simply been part of the Lie! In reality, we ‘are not really’ who… we Pretend to be!

· (Numbers 23:19) God is not a man = that He should lie, = neither the son of man = that He should repent. = Has He said, = and = shall He not do it? = Or has He spoken, = and = shall He not = make it good?

You see most… have their opinion about ‘God’… from a Preacher, Priest, Rabbi or some other religious teacher. But when you go to the Bible you see the Truth and the Nature of God. He never lies, no matter what the situation. Because I am a Born Again Christian… I have not only the power… ‘Not to Lie’… “I choose not to Lie”… because of what Christ Jesus did for me!

Recently, when speaking… with an Atheist, I asked him… “Do you ever lie?” He responded, ‘Sometimes, when necessary.’ His rational was that when necessary… it is permissible. I then asked him, “Suppose your spouse Lied to You?” He thought a minute and responded, “No, that is not right!” I told him… “You cannot have it… Both Ways!”

· A person is no better… than their ability… “To tell the Truth”.

How about today…
think about Lies and how they affect… you and yours? Not only today, but tomorrow and forever! We will always harvest… what we plant. Some now… and some later, but the harvest… will always come back! What goes around… Comes Around!

That is the… reason that “Christ Jesus” came to be our ‘Savior and Lord’. He paid the price of our… Sin/Sins. Will that keep us from the ‘Harvest of Lies?’ Sorry “NO!”

But you then can… “Confess and Forsake”… and… “Plant a new Field of Truth… to Harvest from!”

· (John 8:36) Therefore = if the Son = shall make you free, = you shall be free indeed.

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