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“Your Ear – 101”…Blog.

“Your Ear – 101”…Blog.

Why the Ear…? How come I am going to write about my ear and your ear? As I keep my hair short, you can readily see my ears. This blog is not about ears, but one’s ability… “To Hear and Comprehend”… what is spoken or shared in verbal communication. “Hearing implies Comprehension… that will bring about a desired response!” Do you want some… ‘Ice Cream?’

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

Do you hear… what I just said in the above paragraph? Sort of confusing when one reads it fast, but if you read it slowly it has meaning. Most of us have that innate ability to… filter out… what we have already decided… “We don’t want… To Hear!” We all do it, myself included.

At the end… of my blogs I always put… “That you for Your EAR!” …In essence I am thanking you for reading and listening to what I have to say. Sometimes I have long blogs and sometimes I have short ones. Some adults have substituted reading with other short term communication, i.e. ‘Texting’. Soon the younger generation will not be able to compose a literate sentence with proper grammar, let alone to be able to read anything over… ‘A single paragraph’!

We hear in… several different ways. Perhaps this is not a complete list but it will get the idea across. Remember we hear exactly what we choose… ‘To Hear!’ And we block what we don’t’ want to hear. Often times will write someone off, because they speak a… “Truth”… that we ‘do not’ want to Hear! Say it isn’t so?

1. What we… ‘Hear’.
2. What we think… we ‘Hear’.
3. What was really… ‘Said’.
4. What we… ‘Heard’.
5. What we think… we ‘Heard’.

Take a few…
minutes and examine what you ‘heard’ last. Either verbal or written, did it take root in your ‘thinking’ or was it just ‘more clutter’? I hate watching TV when they advertize every 6-to-8 minutes. An hour long program has 20 minutes of advertizing. I simply… MUTE… the volume… Not to Hear!

When your ‘Hearing’… is directly related to a… “Pleasure Response”… you will… “Hear!” The last time I was in London, I was amazed by the number of pedestrians plugged into IPODS! Here too in the states while at the beach, many were plugged into the IPODS also. It seems to be the world cannot survive without them and Cell Phones! …LOL!

Here are two examples… of the Same Song. Did you notice the change in melody and tempo? One was geared to communicate to a generation who had… ‘A Completely Different’… “Hearing MODALITY!” They were so shaped by the music, that the words had no real meaning.

I have tried… to learn several different languages over the years. I have found that it is not a problem with my brain. It has become a problem with my… “Ear!” I have listened to American English for all my life. I then must force myself… through sheer desire and discipline… to lean to …‘Hear’… a different Language!

Human to human… communication seems to be more and more limited. Busy lives and ‘things’ have replaced that… “Speaking and Hearing”. We need to continue “Maturation… through ’Hearing’ instead of Isolation!” I know for me it is too easy to keep to myself. But I force myself to engage others and in doing so, I hope I have made one’s life… a little better by ‘Hearing them!’

Did you know… “GOD”… is continually speaking to mankind? Not so you may say, “I haven’t heard Him!” The fact that the Sun ‘Rises and Sets’… is Him speaking to mankind through His creation. He has also… revealed Himself to mankind… through His Word.

· (Genesis 1:14) And God said, = Let there be lights = in the expanse of the heavens = to divide = between the day and the night. = And let them be for signs, = and for seasons, = and for days = and years.

In addition God… continues speaking to us through His Word… ‘The Bible!’ Many choose simply not to read His Word and thus are saying, “God, I do not want to… ‘Hear’… what You have to Say!” Each of us… want to be in control of our own lives. Just imagine how much… ‘trouble and heartache’… we could save ourselves if we would only… “Hear and Obey!”

About now you… want me to “Hear” you say… ‘You are Medaling!’ Really now, I care about you or I would not take my time to have You… ‘Hear’… about God and what He has for you to ‘Hear!’ Each morning I get up and read my Bible. Often times in the any of the four gospels, Jesus speaks about… “Hearing!”

· (Matthew 13:9-to-12) Let the person who has ears = listen!"
· (Matt 13:10) Then the disciples came and said to Jesus, = "Why do you speak to people = in parables?"
· (Matt 13:11) He answered them, = "You have been given = knowledge about = the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, = but it hasn't been given to them.
· (Matt 13:12) For to anyone = who has something, = more will be given, = and = he will have more than enough. = But from the one = who doesn't have anything, = even what he has = will be taken away from him.

To the person… that is not interested in “Hearing God”… they never will. Remember ‘You’ and ‘Only You’… select what ‘You’ choose… “To Hear!” Like that foreign language one will try to learn. It is all a function of the Ear… “Hearing!”

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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