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“Diminishing Returns – 101”…Blog.

“Diminishing Returns – 101”…Blog.

What is that you say…? What does that mean? Perhaps another way to say that is for you to count the number of ‘Tags” you make on a community board, and compare that to the number… you receive back. I can remember visiting many people in one day on Yahoo, and having quite a few tag me back. Now, fewer and fewer people seem to be on line. This is… ‘The law of diminishing returns’.

We all have… busy lives and many things desiring our attention. Most have mates and families who constantly need ‘validation’ and ‘emotional feedback’. A large part of our time is spent helping others. So too, work has too and is demanding more, each month. One of my last positions was in a plant that was closing. Lay off after lay off, I ended up doing the job of 5-others. That is the price we pay… for that pay check.

The daily news… was on when my coffee maker was finishing up. Someone had won the “220 Million dollar – Power ball”. I was thinking that, this person has had placed more in their lap, then they are able to deal with. I remembered seeing a program on the History channel, where they profiled the tragedies that followed the lives of most winners. The law of diminishing returns.

A Billionaire once said… take all the money there is and divide it up among everyone and in as little as 5-years, the rich will be rich again and the poor will be poor again. Sounds reasonable to me. Unless you have had specific training in handling Millions, you will experience… ‘The law of Diminishing Returns’.

I often think… of Imelda Marcos. She was the wife of her husband Ferdinand Marcos who was the dictator of the Philippines. She had over… “2700 pairs of shoes”… at one time. How many were enough? Just a few more pairs! The law of diminishing returns.

One Simple Rule… “What you own… Owns You!” Whatever… ‘Rightly and honestly’ brought you pleasure, will continue to do so! Whatever… ‘Wrongly and dishonestly’ brought you pleasure will diminish to… no pleasure at all, “just bondage”. Again, the law of diminishing returns.

Remember when… you could watch TV without seeing all the Sex? No, I am not a prude, but I certainly do not need about what another is doing in their sex life on TV. It seems that no one can sell any product unless Sex is ‘attached or implied’. Really, do you enjoy seeing all that needless Sexuality in product marketing, or is it just me…? Again, the law of diminishing returns.

How about your… weekends? Are you really looking forward to them, or are they all running together? Sometimes I will get into my car and go for a drive, somewhere. I enjoy travel and just take a ride out of town. It used to be that any trip would be enjoyable, but with all the traffic and high prices of Petrol, it is not enjoying anymore. Again, the law of diminishing returns.

Now to your computer. The newer programs are getting so much faster to keep up with the latest generation of 2X-processores with ‘64Bit’ operating systems. Some of my older programs will not run on my newer compute, which is only a year old. I have to run them on my upgraded older [7-year old] computer. That is… the law of diminishing returns.

Your Mental Acuity… ‘Will’ be the next thing… “To Go!” It may be called, Dementia or Alzheimer’s. I really prefer to call it… “AA-ADD!” That is… Age Adjusted Attention Deficient Disorder. Some may choose to simply call it a… ‘Senior Moment!’ AA-ADD sounds so very much more Sophisticated! …LOL! Again, the law of diminishing returns.

Have you heard… “Use It or Lose It?” I find that so true with my… Brain Functions. Oh how easy it is to plop down in front of the… ‘Boob Tube [TV]’… and call it relaxation. It is like shutting off your Brain… and allowing them to pour in the ‘Garbage!’ Try challenging yourself to learn something new! How about… ‘Calculus for Dummies?’ I recently purchased it at a garage sale and am trying to wade through it. This will counteract my brains… law of diminishing returns.

· (Matthew 16:26) For what profit = will a person have = if he gains the whole world = and = forfeits his own soul? = Or what can a person give = in exchange for his soul?

· (1John 5:11) This is the testimony: = God has given us eternal life, = and this life is found in his Son.
· (1John 5:12) The person = who has the Son = has this life. = The person = who does not have = the Son of God = = does not have this life.
· (1John 5:13) I have written = these things = to you who believe = in the name of the Son of God = so that you may know = that you have eternal life.

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