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“The Law – 101”…Blog.

“The Law – 101”…Blog.

Do you know… the law about speeding or driving under the influence? Of course we that drive surely do. Or should I say we used to? The traffic laws are to keep… society… in an orderly fashion and save lives. They are for our own good and… not to harm us. Other Laws protect other areas of our ‘life and freedoms’.

Just last month… here in Florida, “Three teenagers were ‘Killed’ and one permanently injured.” Speeding in a residential area and passing unsafely, caused the car to smash into a tree. Those killed will never graduate even from high school. Did they obey and keep the Law… or disrespect and disregard… “The Law”

With the Law comes… ‘Protection’. In the simple obeying of traffic laws; those killed teenagers and their grieving parents would have relief from their sorrow. But now, they are only receiving… what they did. It is a tough lesson to learn… but perhaps some other teens, will learn from… their mistakes. Some will not!

“Guns don’t kill”… people do! There are laws in each and every state in addition to numerous Federal Laws to make society safe. I have a ‘Carry Permit’ in my state. And yet one may still hear of the… “Ignorant calling for more gun restrictions and laws”. President Obama desires to disarm Americans with pending legislation: “Superseding the Law… of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights”.

How about Wall Street… and their Stealing and Selling of… “Junk Financial Bonds and Securities?” The existing “Laws” were negated by changes in the lending practices and procedures. An end run around the “Law and common sense”… has led to people… without proper credit… borrowing more than they could afford to pay. Massive house foreclosures have resulted.

Still the Law… is good if applied and kept. Many today drive a… ‘tat faster’… than the posted speed limit. I too have done so in the past, but I find that I have to constantly… ‘Keep myself in check’. IF… I am pulled over in a “Radar Speed Trap”… THEN…’Who is at fault’? Is it the car for going too fast… or the driver? Personal Responsibility… is the Key!

How about the… ‘Animal Leash Laws’? Do you like it when you find… ‘Animal deposits’… on your front lawn? Or when you walk in a park, do you… ‘Pick up, after your pet’… as required by The Law? I often find paw marks on the pollen and dust on my car parked in the Carport. Simple Laws are to protect… the rest of us from… “Human Irresponsibility”.

· (Hebrews 13:4) Let marriage = be kept honorable = in every way, = and the marriage bed = undefiled. = = For God = will judge = those who commit = sexual sins, = especially those = who commit adultery.

"You Shall Not"…
is often framed as a Law to protect. How about… “Venereal Diseases” The admonition form God… to keep one sexually pure… is for our Protection. We all know that the “AIDS Virus is Terminal”. Have you seen the “Valtrex” commercials on the TV? They state that over “12%” of the population has… Herpes. Perhaps a simple trip to this site will… open you minds to what can happen… for a simple violation of… The Law of God.

Does information like this… “Scare the Hell out of You?” If it doesn’t… it should! All for the simple pleasure of Sex outside of Marriage, one puts in jeopardy… “Their life and peace of mind”. Do you even think that something so pleasurable… in a Violation of God’s Law… would bring about… “Such… Consequences?”

Well that’s not… my case, you may say. Well what then about the… “Rest of God’s Law?” Did you ever think that “Lying and Cheating and Falsely speaking ill of another [slander or liable]” would too… go unpunished? Do you really believe that you can just… get away with breaking the Law? You have done so already… but for how long?

· (Galatians 6:7-8-9) Stop being deceived; = God is not to be ridiculed. = A person harvests = whatever he plants.
· (Gal 6:8) For the person = who plants in his flesh = will harvest decay = from the flesh, = = but the person who plants = in the Spirit = will harvest = eternal life = from the Spirit.
· (Gal 6:9) Let us = not get tired = of doing what is good, = = for at the right time = we will reap a harvest = if we do not give up.

That is why… we need a Savoir. We are all… Sinners! Christ Jesus came to set us Free… not only from the… “Penalty of Sin.. but from… the Power of Sin!” We, all of us, will not get away from the Field of Life… which we have ‘Planted’. You have heard of the saying… “What Goes Around, Comes Around?” That is simply what the above Bible verses say.

· (John 8:36) So if = the Son [Jesus]] sets you free, = you will be free indeed!"

· (John 10:10-11) The thief comes only = to steal, = slaughter, = and destroy. = = I [Jesus] have come = that they may have life, = and have it abundantly.
· (John 10:11) "I am the good shepherd. = The good shepherd = lays down his life for the sheep.

How about You…? Have you come to “Christ Jesus” for Forgiveness of Sin/Sins… and to be set free from the Power of Sin…? Or are you living your life your own way…? Can you give yourself an honest answer…? He already knows how you have been living!

I do not… say these things to condemn any, nor to accuse or excuse any. I simply share, what is available for ‘You’… “From God and His Word”… so that you may have life… “More Abundantly”. Please feel free to write me for more.

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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