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“Emotional Abuse – 101”

Recently I was… watching a movie on TCM, Turner Classic Movie channel. They have the older classic movies… “With NO Commercial Interruptions!” I thought about writing Ted Turner and thanking him. In reading his bio, it stated that he was… ‘deeply religious’… as a child, “Despite his father’s… ‘Emotional Abuse’!” Really, do you think that is True?

When someone accuses… “Emotional Abuse”… what exactly does that mean? Does that mean that the drug addict was… “Emotionally Abused”? How about the Thief, was he or she… “Emotionally Abused”? Or the “Adulterer or the Adulteress” were they… “Emotionally Abused”… and so all of them, then… “Chose their Response… to Life”?

In many court cases… the term, “Emotional Abuse” is often used against the defendant. Say it is not so? How many women… have accused their husbands of… “Emotional Abuse?” How many ‘delinquent children’ have used the same claim of “Emotional Abuse” against their parents or guardians?

Of course… ‘Each and Every One’… has not taken the “Personal Responsibility” for their… “Own Actions!” In any family situation, someone has to make the decisions as to what is going to be done and what is not to be done. This responsibility is the mandate to the Fathers, many of whom have relegated it to the Mothers.

Back in the 60’s… there was an entertainer named, ‘Flip Wilson’. His comedic line was… “The Devil made me do it!” It got many laughs on TV. I did not think it was funny. In the last 10-years, ‘Bart Simpson’ has taken his place with… “Not ME!” Many laugh to the point they are... "Deluded about Truth".

Personal Responsibility… has been replaced with… ‘The Emotional Abuse Syndrome.’ To the teen it goes like this, “I cannot pick up my room because I was emotionally abused as a child.” I will make you [The Parent]… feel guilty because YOU cannot give me… ‘The Things I Deserve!’ You did not have them when you were a child, so you do not want me to have them!

Is teaching ‘Responsibility’… “Emotional Abuse?” If you have to with hold privileges, TV, Internet, Cell Phone or even Dating… as correction for a bad attitude, is that… “Emotional Abuse?” How many Teens have used this trick… to manipulate their parents, especially the Mothers?

Do you know… the saying, ‘The apple does not fall far from the Tree?’ It simply means what they learn at home, they will… “Emulate in their lives”. How then can anyone, from the Parent, to the Employer, to the Next Generation expect to continue as an orderly functioning society when we… ‘Excuse Away Responsibility… As Emotional Abuse?”

“What the Parent… ‘Permits in moderation’… the Child… ‘will excuse’… in Excess!”

How then can… and does anyone claim… “Emotional Abuse?” A friend of mine, who is a school teacher, left his 6-year position to… ‘Sell Insurance!’ After being physically threatened by parents, whose children failed to complete homework assignments, verbally attacked him, he said, “Enough is Enough!” The child failing in school… was 'His fault', “Not the Students!”... as the parents claimed.

I was flying… on a plane to Boston several years ago. I sat next to a ‘Personal Manager’ of a very prestigious company. She told me that most of the ‘employee terminations’ had been due to people, violating the company… ‘Internet Policy’. Each one knew, that this written policy was taught to each employee, as their business was mostly internet related.

Some had even… claimed violation of their civil rights and “Emotional Abuse” with such a restrictive policy. None prevailed in their legal suits or labor board complaints. Such excuses never prevail in such proceedings. How could one, even hope to run a profitable business, where the employees. ‘Pretend to know better than the Boss?’

Have we been… brainwashed to think that we are not responsible for our own actions. Dr Benjamin Spock who wrote his ‘World Famous’ book on Child Rearing and baby care, eventually found this out. His book was translated into… “26-foreign languages”… and was available everywhere in the world.

What they did not... Publish “world-wide”… was this statement. I found it after a hard search. Most that hold to his philosophy will not acknowledge what he has done to most of the world.

On permissive behavior - by Dr. Benjamin Spock, baby care specialist and Vietnam War objector. He now says, "We have reared a generation of brats. Parents aren't firm enough with their children for fear of losing their love or incurring their resentment. This is a cruel deprivation that we professionals have imposed on mothers and fathers. Of course, we did it with the best of intentions. We didn't realize until it was too late how our know-it-all attitude was undermining the self assurance of parents."

Wow, can you… Believe That? After ruining 5-generations of people, the adage seems too true. “It is too late to close the barn door when the livestock is gone!”

All those… false claims of… “Emotional Abuse”… was simply a continuance of… “The Lie” of … ‘No Personal Responsibility’… For One’s Actions!” I have flown around 500,000 miles in my lifetime. Never once have I seen a co-pilot… take control of the plane… from the Pilot. Someone has to be in control.

Leadership is never… an easy position. The false claim of… “Emotional Abuse”… will always continue to be an ‘Excuse’ for… “Not Obeying!” Its twin sister… “Verbal Abuse”… will always be there, as they are… “Siamese Twins!”

You’re Not… the Boss of Me Now…!

How about you...? Are you… “Responsively Compliant”… to your job description or even to your mate? Or are you teaching to Others… through your rebellion… the way, you believe to be better? Have you spoken disparagingly about your… “boss or your mate?” One question, “Who died and made you The Boss?” What is your response…?

Shucks! Why are you… “Emotionally and Verbally… ‘Abusing’ Me?”

· (1Samuel 15:23) For rebellion = is as = the sin of witchcraft, = and = stubbornness = is as = iniquity and idol-worship. = Because you = have rejected = the Word of Jehovah, = He has also rejected you from being king!

· (Luke 7:8-9) For I also am = a man set under authority, = having under me soldiers. = And I say to one, Go, = and he goes; = and to another, Come, = and he comes; = and to my servant, Do this, = and he does it.
· (Luke 7:9) And hearing these things, = = Jesus marveled at him. = And turning to the crowd following Him, = He said, = I say to you, = I have not found such faith, = no, = not in Israel.

Simply Put… “Emotional and/or Verbal Abuse”… is very simply ‘an Excuse’… “Not to Obey”… those that have the authority… over us.

And…No! By no means… am I even suggesting that... 'you or anyone' Do… “Anything… Illegal or Immoral!”

It is always… the simple little decisions, that when added together… “Make Our Life and Who we are”! No… Not the ‘two or three’ Big Decisions we make… but the “Millions of Little Decisions”… that make us… “Who We ARE!

“An ‘Excuse’… is Simply… the ‘Skin of a Reason’… ‘Stuffed’… with a Lie!”

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