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“Worship – 101”…Blog

Worship – 101”…Blog

· (Galatians 4:16) So then = did I = become your enemy = speaking to you the Truth?

Recently… I was on a Site and saw a video about ‘Worship in Church’. Much of what is done in Churches today, ‘Called Worship’… Is NOT… what the Bible Calls… Worship. Simply take your Bible and Test… what I have said here in this blog. IF… I am in Error… ‘Please’… tell Me?

Imagine that… A Simple 'YouTube Video'… tells you… “How to Worship God!” You don’t even need your Bible, nor do you need to “Obey the Word of God”. “Singing”… is implied to be the Real Worship of God! The Bible says something Different. Oh yes, Question: Can you ‘Worship God’… Without Singing? “Yes =or= No?” Please answer… before reading further?

How about… we simply check out what the “Bible Says”… and compare it to what is said on this video or what is commonly… Practiced in Most Churches… and called… ‘Worship!” About now, you are probably thinking that I am a… “Heretic or a God Mocker?”

I am neither...! I love Christ Jesus and His Word, "The Bible". IT should be the… “Only Reference for Worship”… that those that Know… “HIM”… really ever need. Those that Do Not Know "HIM"... Do Not want The Bible to be their... "Only Authority!

Perhaps just a… short ‘time travel’ back to see how Worship was conducted as little as 40-years ago? When the Pastor read the Word of God, at the beginning of the Service, The Congregation… Stood! This was standard practice in the Bible Churches I attended. “The Bible”… was the ‘Ultimate Authority!’

· (Nehemiah 8:5) And Ezra = opened the book = in the sight of all the people, = for he was above all the people. = And when he opened it, = = all the people = stood up.

When there was… Singing, ‘All the congregation’ opened their Hymnals and the song leader led in Singing. Occasionally there was a guest singer, usually someone from the congregation that would sing a special song. This was practiced in “Most Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Churches”. “Bible Reading and Preaching”… was the ‘Majority of the Service!’ What has happened in a few short years?

· (Matthew 15:8-9) "This people = draws near to Me = with their mouth, = and honors = Me with their lips, = = but their heart is far from Me.
· (Matt 15:9) But in vain = they worship Me, = teaching for doctrines = = the commandments of men."

Around the late 70’’s… Most Church attendance started to drop off. As our ‘American’ Society was becoming more… ‘Debouched’… Church attendance dropped. In order to correct this, you soon saw… “Live Bands & Singer Groups… on Stage” The almost completely ‘Replace the Singing’… by the Church Body, the Attendees. Without Protest… “Entertainment” Replaced… Songs of Praise to God!

· (Psalms 66:18) If = I = regard iniquity = in my heart, = Jehovah will not hear;

Now it is Rare… to attend a Church that does not have a… ‘Live Band and Singers!’ They have “Replaced and Redefined”… What is Called Worship! When someone speaks out about this… they are often branded… “A Legalistic Pharisee”. That Church will not even listen to a ‘dissertation’ like this one. Live Music in the Church has… ‘Replace and Redefined’… “True Worship!”

· (John 4:23-24) But the hour is coming, = and now is, = when = the true worshipers = shall worship = the Father = in spirit and truth, = = for the Father seeks such = to worship Him.
· (John 4:24) God is a spirit, = and they = who worship Him = = must worship = in spirit and in truth.

Most Churches have… "Redefined Truth"! In order to keep ‘People’ coming they have provided a ‘Socially and Political’ message… “As Not to Offend, Any!” So it is with their Entertainment called Worship! When was the last time you heard… “There is Power in the Blood”? Their new worship music is… ‘Often Without’… the Doctrine of the older Church Hymns.

Most songs called… Worship are shallow – ‘7-11’ songs. ‘Seven words 11-times or 11-words, 7-times’. “He or Him”… often are sung… without even mentioning “Christ Jesus or God the Father”. The “Music & Singing”, takes the “Main Place”, in that thing called… “The Worship Service!” The hearts of the attendees are Never called into question… nor do they share this verse from God’s Word. Should Our Hearts… Be Prepared… For “True Worship?”

· (2Chonicles 12:14) And he = did the evil = = because = = he did not = prepare his heart = = to seek Jehovah.

“Heart Attitude in True Worship”… has been replaced with… ‘Worship Called Entertainment!’ Those are pretty strong words, are they not? Do I Lie… when I speak such words, or… Do I just speak… ‘The Truth’? Is the Jesus of the Bible, and His Word… the Bible… “Predominate in your worship service… Or Not?”

· (John 17:17) Sanctify them = through Thy Truth: = Thy Word is Truth.

Some years ago… I was in Canada on a business trip. I was listening to a Christian Radio station. The speaker commented how a Church denomination in Africa… recalled its members from an American Bible College. Shocked the speaker pointed out… How the Bible School… had adopted a “Liberal Bias” towards the Word of God and to… “Worship Music.”

This speaker… had been a missionary in Africa for some 14-years. He told how many people walked 2-or-more hours to come to their Church Worship Service in their Pole and Straw Church. When visiting Pastors and other missionaries came, they were expected to… “Preach and Teach”… for at least 4-or-more hours. Many did so without any complaint.

Their Worship Music… consisted of the old hymns of “The Faith” sung in their Native Tongues. Most of the time… ‘Without instruments and Sound Systems’… and… “The Media Shows”… that can be found in most USA Churches.

Is your Worship Service… held in a specific Church Building? Do you remember some years ago, Churches started showing the… “Super Bowl”… from their Media Centers? They justified it as… “An Evangelistic Tool, to reach the Unreached!” Remember when Janet Jackson, showed ‘Her Breasts’… during the half time Show?

Those Churches that… have what they Call… “Worship Services”… used the ‘Same Media Equipment’… and No One Protested. The Next year the Super Bowl… was showed using the Same Media Facilities… used in their Sunday… ‘Worship’ Services!

· (James 4:4) Adulterers and adulteresses! = Do you not know that = = the friendship of the world = = is enmity = with God? = = Therefore whoever desires = to be a friend = of the world = = is the enemy = of God.

What more can… I say? “Worship = Real Biblical Worship”… is done To Glorify God Alone!” Not to glorify the… ‘Worship Team!’ Most of the Churches have… “Worship Teams!” Do they Prepare their Hears [2Chronicles 12:14] before engaging in what they call Worship? If not, why Not? IF their hearts are not right before The Lord… ‘How Then’… can it be called… “Worship?”

· (Matthew 6:33) But = seek first = = the kingdom of God = and = His righteousness; = and all these things = shall be added to you.

In Church Worship… practiced today, does it fall into this “Mandate of Scripture… Or Not”? I simply ask you to examine what you call ‘Worship’ …and what the Scriptures… “Call Worship!”

1. Is God Glorified and Put ‘First’… in your Worship Service? [Matthew 6:33]
2. Is the “Word of God”… ‘Preached & Taught’… in your Worship Service? [2Tim 4:1-to-5]
3. Is the Church Admonished to… Prepare their Heart… “Each & Every” time before services … in your Worship Service? [2Chronicles 12:14] & [1Cor 11: 28-to-23] & [Matthew 5:23-24]
4. Are the ‘Music & Instruments’… “Louder”… than the ‘Singing’ … in your Worship Service? [1Corinthians 14:7-8]
5. Do you have a Limited Timeframe… in your Worship Service? How much of that time is allocated to the “Preaching & Teaching of the Word of God?” [Romans 6:6] & [Exodus 17:11]
6. Is more time allocated to… “Music and Incidentals”… than the Actual… “Teaching & Preaching” of the Word of God? … in your Worship Service? [2Timothy 2:15] & [2Timothy 3:13-to-17] & [James 1:22] & [Luke 6:46]
7. Can you… “Worship God”… without what you call… ‘worship music’? If so, then is it really Worship… in Spirit and in Truth?
8. Can you Worship God… in your Home… ‘without music’?
9. Can you open your Bible to study the Word… and call that ‘Worship’… without music?
10. Is what you call… “Worship”… identical to what the Word of God calls… “Worship?”

I Simply Ask… so that you may ‘Test & Try’ what I have written here. Remember what… “Entropy” is? Simply put… the Degradation of Life! It too is so… in the Spiritual Life. Simply read… what the Spirit of God… said to the “Seven Churches” in the book of Revelation! Did those churches get Better or… Worse? Simple Spiritual… Entropy! Were the ‘commended or corrected’?

· (Revelation 2:4) But I have against you = that you left your = first love.

· (Revelation 3:15-to-19) I know your works, = that you are neither cold = nor hot. = I would that you were cold or hot.
· (Rev 3:16) So because = you are lukewarm, = and neither cold nor hot, = I will vomit you = out of My mouth.
· (Rev 3:17) Because you say, = = I am rich = and increased with goods = and have need of nothing, = = and do not know = = that you are wretched = and miserable = and poor = and blind = and naked,
· (Rev 3:18) I counsel you = to buy from Me = gold purified by fire, = so that you may be rich; = and white clothing, = so that you may be clothed, = and so that the shame = of your nakedness does not appear. = And anoint your eyes = with eye salve, = so that you may see.
· (Rev 3:19) As many = as I love, = I rebuke = and chasten; = =therefore = be zealous = and repent.

Before you 'Stone' me… I want to say that Music can be and… Is an important part of Biblical Worship. “The Book of Psalms”… is what Israel used to “Sing Songs…to Jehovah! They are filled with “Spiritual Words and Truths”… not found in today’s… ‘Pseudo worship songs.’

Yes…! ‘Music’... is a very important part of …“True Worship”… But… “It Must NOT”… diminish or replace… “The Teaching & Preaching… of the Word of God!”

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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