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“Mother’s Day – 101” [1/4] Blog.

Over the next… four days, I will write about Mothers. I will say some ‘hard things’ but I will only speak… “The Truth!” What kind of friend would I be, if I do not share the Truth with you? I then would by a friend of lies. I speak these next four days… not to excuse… nor to accuse. But in simple… “Fact and Truth!”

If in fact… your ears tingle and you get angry… do not cover up the Truth… but use it being exposed as a stepping stone… to go on and get right with God. Only when we see ourselves as God sees us… and we are willing to admit our “Sin/Sins” are we ready to accept His Provision of Salvation through Christ Jesus.

(1Kings 3:16-to-27) Then there came two women, = harlots, = to the king, = and stood before him.
(1Ki 3:17) And the one woman said, = O my lord, = this woman and I = live in one house. = And I bore a child with her in the house.
(1Ki 3:18) And it happened = the third day after I gave birth, = this woman bore a child also. = And we were together; = there was no stranger with us in the house, = except the two of us in the house.
(1Ki 3:19) And this woman's child = died in the night, = because she laid on it.
(1Ki 3:20) And = she arose at midnight = and took my son from beside me, = while your servant was sleeping, = and laid it in her bosom, = and laid her dead child in my bosom.
(1Ki 3:21) When I arose in the morning = to give my child suck, = behold, it was dead. = And when I had looked at it in the morning, = behold, = it was not my son whom I bore.
(1Ki 3:22) And the other woman said, = No, but the living is my son, = and the dead is your son. = And this one said, No, = but the dead is your son, = and the living is my son. = So they spoke before the king.
(1Ki 3:23) And the king said, = The one says, = This is my son who lives, = and your son is the dead. = And the other says, = No, but your son is the dead, = and my son is the living.
(1Ki 3:24) And the king said, = = Bring me a sword. = = And they brought a sword before the king.
(1Ki 3:25) And the king said, = = Divide the living child in two, = = and give half to the one = = and half to the other.
(1Ki 3:26) And the woman = whose son was the living child = said to the king, = for her womb yearned over her son. = And she said, = O my lord, = give her the living child, = and in no way kill it. = = But the other said, = Let it be neither mine = nor yours; = divide it!
(1Ki 3:27) And the king answered and said, = = Give her the living child, = and in no way kill it. = = She is the mother of it.

Wow…! How about You? Are you ready to give up your child… to save its life? This True Story is about… Two Different… “Kinds of Mothers!” All Mothers… fall into this kind of Pattern. “How can that be”, you may Say? Are there not Other kinds of Mothers? Sorry, No! May I kindly and simply suggest only Two… “Those that LIE”… and… “Those that… “Tell The TRUTH!”

That is Hard… you may say. Yes it is, but may I ask you… “Is it True?” Yes it is! Not all women are mothers, yet all mothers are women. So these… two categories… are True for all women and all mothers. Again, I am not accusing nor am I accusing, just stating… the facts.
The First Mother… whose child had died, “Outright Lied”! She was even willing for the other child to die, whose was not even hers. “No Feelings”… even for another’s child. No mourning even over her dead child. I would say that she is a… ‘Hard Hearted Woman’… whose heart was not… “Right with God”, nor that of her friend. Her agenda is always… “To Lie”… to her own gain, whatever the cost.

The Child’s Mother… whose child was ‘stolen and alive’, was prepared to… ‘Tell the Truth”… even at the cost of her own child. Her heart was “Right with God”… for “The Truth”… was her agenda. May I simply suggest… “Choosing to tell the Truth”… is always the best agenda, even if it cost you in Life! Things worked out for this woman this time, but it is not always so for all… when you tell… The Truth.

Suffering is a part of Life… yet it seems in today’s society… that you suffer for telling the Truth! Take for instance… Ms California in the Miss USA Pageant. Her belief in the traditional marriage of… “One Man and One Woman”… met with continued scorn and derision in the press. Her answer was Not… ‘Politically Correct’! But her answer… was “True”! Marriage historically and everywhere in this Planet Earth, is and has been… between a man and a woman. Between “Adam & Eve”… Not between… ‘Bill & Frank’.

Telling the Truth… has to be the basis for Any Society. Women and especially Mothers, have a mandate… to always tell the Truth! Lies… especially to their children and extended families will always simply breed… more Liars. Not all women or mothers… will tell the Truth! Self is more important that the Truth… to Very Many, if not… To Most!

· (1Timothy 1:19) holding faith = and = a good conscience, = which some have put away = and = made shipwreck = as to faith.

“Suppose I have Lied… in the past?” I have had both women and mothers… ask me that question. That is a tough question and has far reaching implications in the… Lives of Many! My response has always been… “Are You willing to Tell The Truth Now”… even though it may cost you personally and financially? To that… “Most”… have even… ‘Refused to Answer’.

· (Acts 8:21) You have = neither part nor lot = in this matter, = for = your heart = is not right = in the sight = of God.

There is a cost… in Life. We all will pay that cost… some now and some later. Each time we… “Lie”… we lose a little part of Us. Our ‘heart’ gets just a little harder. Here in Florida last year, 5 teen girls beat up ‘one girl’ and the beating was on YouTube. Even at that young age… their hearts were hardened. How much more so… when and as… they mature into, Adults?

“Not To Decide”… “Is To Decide”! Each and every decision has to be based… on Truth or on Lies! What will it be for You? Will you choose to… Tell The Truth, no matter what the Cost? Or will you choose… To Lie… to your Own… ‘Temporary Gain’ and… “Hardened Heart”?

Thank you for Your EAR! Roger //Email//

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