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“Mother’s Day -101” [3/4]…Blog.

When I write… any blog, I try to expose the… “Truth and the Lie”… but also… to show the “Good News”… as a solution… for the ‘Bad News’. For those that are not looking for such, will not …find it. But for those who are searching… simply accept the Truth… and discard the Lies. Can you handle…“The Truth”? Are you willing to… Give It A Try?

This is going to be… a very hard paper for me to write. This will not be a pleasant one to read, either. Some of the things, I will speak about, may cause some, to stop reading. Some others, will simply take this… just as they do, Life! Please allow me to share with you, a trend here in America. It is a scourge of our nation. It was so in Israel, even up to the times of Christ. We parallel them in the practice… of what many call… “Religion”.

· (Romans 3:8) And not rather, (as we are wrongly accused, and as some affirm that we say), = = Let us do bad things = = that good may come? = = Their condemnation is just.

· (Isaiah 5:20) Woe to those = who call = evil good = and good evil; = who put darkness for light = and light for darkness; = who put bitter for sweet = and sweet for bitter!

There are more Mothers…
walking away from their “Wedding Vows” that were made to “Jesus Christ”… in Churches before witnesses. They have afterwards, mentally changed their “Wedding Vows”… ‘Justifiably Conditional’. They “Choose to Forget”, What they Vowed to Christ JESUS.

They ‘Choose’ to… Not Remember…Their Vows…“To Love, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, keeping myself only for thee, till death do us part. Anyone can justify their actions… when they… “LIE”! Most Do!

· (Deuteronomy 23:21) When you shall = vow a vow = to Jehovah your God, = you shall not wait = to pay it, = for Jehovah your God = will surely require it of you, = and it would be sin = in you.

These Mothers Endanger… their families and children both ‘emotionally and spiritually’. Most of the time, they leave their first marriage and… “Remarry into Adultery”[Mark 10:11-12]. They bring their children into another pseudo family, and thus bring ‘the seeds of rebellion’ into the children’s lives. What seems like a good situation will inevitably bring… the fruit of deceit into their lives.

· …Oh what a tangled web we weave… when we practice to deceive!

“King David” [2Samuel 11] took… another man’s wife, “Bathsheba”. David had her husband, ‘Uriah’, killed in battle to cover up… ‘His Adultery with Bathsheba’. This sin of this Adultery… was visited upon ‘his children’. David’s first born son Amnon… raped David’s daughter Tamar. His son Absalom killed his brother, Amnon. The kingdoms of Israel and Judah were divided. All this because of… a woman… who was unfaithful to her husband. The Children paid the Price… of David’s Adultery.

· (Proverbs 30:20) Such is the way = of an adulterous woman; = she eats, = and wipes her mouth, = and says, = I have done no evil.

Such ‘Mothers’ do not realize… that even though they seem to 'get away' with the sin for now… their children pay the price, later. Bathsheba’s baby died. And yet, she had another son, ‘Solomon’. He was a great king, and knew God… when he was young. Although later on in life, he… “Left the Lord”… and served the ‘heathen gods’… of his many wives. All this… “can be directly related”… to the Adultery of his…‘Mother’… Bathsheba. “Lies are the Root… Adultery is the Fruit!”

Some Other Mothers… in the Bible… did despicable things to their children. Some other Mothers did good and I will write about them tomorrow. Most of the time… the Mothers… are the keepers of… the morality of their children. They often spend the maximum amount of time… with their children and are a great influence on them… “For Good”… or… “For Evil”. But… more is… “Caught”… than ‘Taught’! “Duplicity”… will come back to haunt …"The Mother"!

· (2Kings 6:28-29-30) And = the king said to her, = What ails you? = And she said, = This woman said to me, = Give your son = so that we may = eat him today, = and = we will eat = my son = tomorrow.
· (2Kin 6:29) And = we boiled = my son = and ate him. = And I said to her = on the other day, = Give your son = so that we may eat him. = And = she has = hidden her son.
· (2Kin 6:30) And it happened = when the king = heard the words of the woman, = he tore his clothes. = And he passed by on the wall, = and the people looked, = and, behold, = he had sackcloth inside on his flesh.

These Mothers were willing… ‘To Eat’… their own children! Others Mothers sacrificed their children to the heathen gods! All this after… “God”… had done so much to deliver His people Israel… from Egypt. God worked many miracles… for His people and they ‘stilled rebelled’… against Him. Over and over again, God forgave them… and they still continued to… Sin and Rebel! Not much different than… today.

· (2Kings 17:31) And the Avites made Nibhaz and Tartak, and the Sepharvites = = burnt their children = = in fire = = to Adrammelech and Anammelech, the gods of Sepharvaim.

· (Ezekiel 23:39) And when = they had slain = their sons = to their idols, = then they came into My sanctuary in that day = to profane it. And lo, this they have done in the midst of My house.

The family unit… is under all sorts of pressures. How many Mothers, have taught their Sons to Respect Women? Have those same Mothers… allowed their daughters to dress like… ‘Street Whores’. What business does a… ‘13-year old girl’… need to do, showing off her “Sexuality and her body”… ‘To boys and men’…whose hormones are surging? What is this ‘Mother’… Allowing?

· (Ezekiel 16:44) Behold, all who use proverbs shall use this proverb against you, saying, = = As the mother, = = so is her daughter.

Motherhood is ‘by far’…the Toughest… and least appreciated “Assignment”… ‘Anyone’ will have. The Mother… will wear many hats, expend her life and still… and things may not work out as planned. Just this week the airwaves were filled with… ‘Glowing Testimonials’ about Motherhood.

But ‘NEVER’ Once… did I hear one… where it ‘did not’… work out right. Are we so naïve… to believe all families… work out Right? So why then… are we presented with…‘Only’… those that work out… Right? Shouldn’t we learn… from the mistakes of ‘Others’… so that… we do not do them… “Ourselves”?

· (Romans 15:4) For = whatever things = were written before = were written = for our learning, = so that = we = through patience and comfort = of the Scriptures = = might have hope

This is One Reason… that I know that the Bible is… “Truly from God”. There are many other reasons, but think about this. When... you read about someone in the Bible… ALL their Faults are displayed for all to read about. They either come to God and turn their life around or… go the other way to their own hurt. The long range affects of their decisions, ‘Good or Bad’… are shown for us… “To Learn… ‘from and by’… Their Mistakes”!

I have Failed… at some things in Life… as you have too. The difference… is that I will… “Confess and Forsake”… those things: …And… “Will Not Do Them… Again”! So it can be for any… “Mother”… that has failed in her life… and… even perhaps in the raising of her Children, and Yes… even with Her Husband.

Don’t we All realize… that ‘Only’ Sinners… “Like EACH of Us”… Need A Savior… “Christ Jesus”…? Simply Believe and Trust… what GOD… has said in His Word…! And no, I am not promising… the fixing of all your mistakes and the results from them… but only, God’s Grace to endure as He has promised in His Word, The Bible!

· (2Corinthians 5:17-to-21) So that = if = anyone is in Christ, = that one = is a new creature; = old things = have passed away; = behold, = all things = have become new.
· (2Cor 5:18) And = all things = are of God, = Who has = reconciled us = to Himself = through Jesus Christ, = and has given = to us = the ministry of reconciliation;
· (2Cor 5:19) whereas = God was in Christ = reconciling the world = to Himself, = not imputing = their trespasses to them, = and putting = the word of reconciliation = in us.
· (2Cor 5:20) Then = we are = ambassadors = on behalf of Christ, = as God = exhorting = through us, = we beseech = you = on behalf of Christ, = be reconciled = to God.
· (2Cor 5:21) For = He [God] = has made Him [Jesus] = Who knew no sin, = to be sin for us, = that we = might become = the righteousness of God = in Him [Jesus].

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